Automobiles and Blockchain

Bringing the future of blockchain to your car.

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Automotive and Vehicle Use Cases

Bringing the future of blockchain to your car.

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Vehicle Tracking

Dealer Management Systems (DMS) with secure communication, removing data risks with leasing by using advanced analytics and behavior monitoring.

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Mobility Solutions

Ride sharing, autonomous vehicles and surge pricing, smart contract based taxi service and more.

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Automotive IoT

Monitor, manage and control transactional activities among connected devices and process transactions.

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Smart Manufacturing

Genesis of Things for autonomous factories, on-demand manufacturing, supply chain traceability and resolution of ownership issues.

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Insurance Claim Processing

Smart contracts to enable automated service calls and payouts, or instant filing and verification of claims.

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Supply Chain Management

Unique IDs for parts, on-chain data for ownership information, auditability through the entire production lifecycle.

Customer Spotlight: 
EV Charging Sharing

ArcBlock's Charge Sharing application allows owners of electric vehicles to create trustless micro-grid charging infrastructure and offer localized charging capabilites to others. Using the idea of the "sharing economy," ArcBlock's application gives each owner the ability to share their personal charging infrastructure and offer it to others.

By leveraging blockchain, each charging station and car has a unique decentralized identity and when a user wants to charge their car they simply use their ABT Wallet to connect to the charging station by scanning a QR code, charge their vehicle and then pay the owner using tokens. Each transaction is publically verifiable, and creates a trustless environment to protect both parties in the transaction.