Mini Program Platform

An new way to build dApps and ecosystems

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Mini Program Platform Use Cases

An new way to build dApps and ecosystems

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Integrated Development

Generate dApp mini-programs, apps and websites at the same time

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Expanded Ecosystems

dApp mini-programs store giving builders an easy way to access the ecosystem of users and traffic

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Trust and Digital Payments

Accept digital currency payments and expand traditional projects to the blockchain ecosystem

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Project Spotlight: DappsRun

DappsRun is reinventing the future of dApps giving developers an integrated platform to build mini programs, services and websites simultaneously. Traditioanl application development is expensive, can have high marketing costs and requires more techncial knowledge to build an app or service online. DappsRun has democratized mini-app development and created a special framework that combines developer tools, decentralized identity, a powerful runtime and the ability to share data across different apps automatically. Any business or developer can build a new app in just a few minutes.

Mini-App Platform Profile

The Challenge

With the success of other mini-program platforms from WeChat, Baidu, Tiktok and more, DappsRun wanted to revolutionalize mini-app development by not only delivering a platform and framework to build mini-apps but also to integrate new technologies like blockchain and decentralized identity to give users more control, transparency and entirely new digital experiences.

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Mini-App Platform Profile

The Solution

ArcBlock and DappsRun have worked together over the last year to create a new blockchain-enabled mini-programs platform. To achieve this, DappsRun used JavaScript and decided to utilize several of ArcBlock's platform tools including tne Forge Blockchain Application Framework, Wallet SDK and ABT Wallet to create and manage decentralized identities, and ABT Network to ensure the blockchain network has the scalability, interoperability and interconnectivity to allow users to interact with any DappsRun service with a single login. The interface doesn't require users to learn any new SDK APIs, and any user can simply migrate an existing mini-program by migrating it and updating payment/login details.

For the first iteration of DappsRun, the team achieved the following objectives:

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99% compatible with WeChat mini-programs including easy migrations;

Gives traditional companies access to digital currencies;

Unified platform and dApp store including building apps and websites;

Integrated decentralized identity including sharing of data between applets;

Supports ArcBlock's ABT Wallet and support of multiple digital currencies;

One-click blockchain deployments, scalable network.

Mini-App Platform Profile

What's Next

DappsRun is expanding platform availability to existing mini-app developers allowing them to easily migrate their existing apps running on platforms like WeChat, as well as offering tools and services for more traditional businesses so they can begin accepting digital currency payments.

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