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Finance and Banking Use Cases

Finance is faster, cheaper and more efficient with blockchain.

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Asset-Backed Securities

Verify the authenticity of assets, protect loan assets and pledged assets from error or misrepresentations and more

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Clearing and Settlement

Deliver transparent exchanges of capital including trades, registration, changing names or moving assets between accounts

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Payments & Remittance

Lower costs, improved local to international cross-border payments, interbank transfers, and self-executing smart contracts

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Digital Identity

Improved KYC, customer ownership, compliance with laws and regulations, improved security

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Smart Contracts

Smart agreements for mortgages, bonds, payments, or insurance claims with automated rules and conditions

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Record Sharing

Paperless, immutable records that stored, shared or verified instantly and securely

Project Spotlight: Smart Assets

A key financial sector partner and ArcBlock have worked togther to solve the challenges of managing and storing assets for the financial industry. The key was to design a smart asset system that doens't just record the asset in the supply chain, it’s serial numbers and value, but to also include other important and key data points such as where is it coming from and where is it going to; how does the asset relate to other assets in the overall supply chain; what is the components and component value of the asset; tax and government clearance information; and more.

By leveraging blockchain technologies and ArcBlock's developer platform, we are enabling a new asset system that achieves these objectives and are able to store any required data on-chain on a single ledger. The data is verifiable, auditable and immutable helping to protect the value of the data and ensuring the partner is in compliance with any local, national or international laws.