ArcBlock October Report: Product development is accelerating, and we are now collaborating with governments and corporations

Summary In October, the ArcBlock engineering team’s pace of progress was significantly accelerated, with the release of the beta version of the Developer Console, the Token Flow proof-of-concept version, a top-to-bottom reconstruction of OCAP’s Ethereum data, and the completion of the framework for the construction of the future ABT chain, which will be built on Forge. ArcBlock was invited to participate in a US government blockchain project, formally became a global technology partner of Amazon Web Services, announced cooperation with LifeID and QuarkChain, participated in important activities organized by the Hyperledger Foundation and the Huazhou Technology Industry Association (WTIA), and developed in conjunction with the Nuggets community.

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ArcBlock September Monthly Report:The three pillars of ArcBlock’s developer community are now solidified

Summary In September, ArcBlock’s cornerstone team continued to optimize OCAP services. We released new iterations of OCAP Playground, as well as TokenFlow, a data analysis tool. On September 15, ArcBlock’s third internal beta hackathon took place in Beijing. We discovered many possibilities for app development using OCAP and took in some suggestions to improve the service. The hackathons, together with the tech blog series launched in August and tech lecture series launched this month, constitute the three pillars of our technology communication, laying a solid foundation for cultivating the ArcBlock developer community and expanding the global consensus.

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ArcBlock August Monthly Report: A great product and well-attended hackathons bring out the best in each other

Summary In August, the ArcBlock team continued to advance, making improvements to front-end products such as OCAP Playground and Playbook, and continuously optimizing OCAP online data services. Two successful beta hackathon events not only produced high-quality DApp inspiration, but also complemented each other with product iterations. The marketing and public relations team firmly built a foundation for content dissemination to spread the word about ArcBlock’s products. Robert Mao, founder and CEO of ArcBlock, stated that when the market is bad, that’s the time to spend all your energy on the product, which is what he’s been doing.

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ArcBlock July Monthly Report: ArcBlock product iteration takes only a day and a half to complete, and construction of the global developer community begins

Summary In July, the ArcBlock team entered the state of engineering development and marketing at full speed: in 30 days, ArcBlock’s first application, the OCAP Playground, released 20 internal versions. The technical team submitted 206 Pull Requests to GitHub, and the OCAP-based product service was quickly iteratively optimized. Robert Mao, the founder of ArcBlock, along with the marketing team, attended eight events, numerous online sharing and offline roadshow forums, and participated in nine interviews.

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ArcBlock Website Updated

We just update ArcBlock’s website with the new design and architect. Most of information from the previous website was kept for future reference, however the accounting system for token sale event has been shutdown. ArcBlock Website will be continuously updated.

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ArcBlock Newsletter Issue №3 04.28.2018–05.30.2018

Summary In the past few months, ArcBlock has been in full swing with product planning, distribution, and community development planning. In an increasingly competitive Blockchain world, forming a team is also a huge challenge. With that being said, we are excited to welcome an excellent engineering supervisor to our team, Tyr Chen, who currently serves as Vice President of R&D here at ArcBlock. Production ArcBlock’s first application will be launched in the second quarter Arcblock will launch its first beta application for developers in the second quarter.

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