OCAP-JS 是 OCAP(开放链访问协议)的 Javascript SDK,是 ArcBlock 区块链应用开发主要框架之一,目前负责处理资产链及其 SDK。自 2020 年 12 月 23 日的 0.5.0 版至今已更新至 1.8.22 版。

OCAP-JS 更新日志

ArcBlock发布更新日志,OCAP-JS 已升级 至 1.8.22 版。

1.8.22 (4 月 7 日,2021 年)

  • feat: add nft endpoints in node/blocklet nft
  • chore: cleanup useless logic
  • feat: support create and verify status list vc
  • chore: add nft endpoint spec

1.8.21 (4 月 6 日,2021 年)

  • chore: add more integration test for exchange
  • fix: improve declare and migrate verify-info error
  • fix: improve transfer verify-info pipe error message
  • fix: exchange signer extracting is buggy
  • fix: should ensure account.tokens to be an array for getXState

1.8.20 (4 月 6 日,2021 年)

  • fix: delegated exchange

1.8.19 (4 月 5 日,2021 年)

  • chore: add delegated exchange e2e test case
  • fix: test case for delegated acquire_asset
  • fix: memory example test case config
  • chore: cleanup useless methods on ocap client
  • chore: add doc for mysterious delegator issue
  • fix: delegated acquire_asset not setting owner correctly

1.8.18 (4 月 2 日,2021 年)

  • chore: update e2e test case for delegate
  • fix: delegated transfer example
  • fix: format delegation error

1.8.17 (4 月 1 日,2021 年)

  • chore: polish reindex script
  • chore: refactor asset-chain api code and add indexer script
  • chore: move indexer from resolver to indexdb lib
  • chore: rename indexdb migration script

1.8.16 (3 月 31 日,2021 年)

  • chore: add e2e test case for delegated acquire_asset
  • chore: use shorthand methods to acquire/mint asset
  • feat: support delegation in acquireassetv2
  • feat: add prepareAcquireAsset and acquireAsset on client
  • feat: enable delegation for v2 protocols in config

1.8.15 (3 月 30 日,2021 年)

  • fix: much better graphql response error handling

1.8.14 (3 月 30 日,2021 年)

  • fix: should not throw if tx is null when expanding context txs

1.8.13 (3 月 29 日,2021 年)

  • fix: test case in asset-nft package
  • feat: getAccountTokens support get by account and token

1.8.12 (3 月 25 日,2021 年)

  • chore: bump sdk-util to latest version
  • fix: did-auth handler not handling incorrect events

1.8.11 (3 月 25 日,2021 年)

  • feat: move nft templates to nft package

1.8.10 (3 月 25 日,2021 年)

  • fix(indexdb): should parse datetime correctly for timeFilter
  • chore: add test case for transfer and exchange v2
  • feat(protocol): support list of factories for factory input
  • fix(security): verify token list size for factory
  • fix(security): limit max tokens that can be transfered and exchanged
  • fix: no name@version logged in ci

1.8.9 (3 月 24 日,2021 年)

  • fix: should not allow create assets from factory

1.8.8 (3 月 24 日,2021 年)

  • feat: support tokenSymbols in tx state

1.8.7 (3 月 24 日,2021 年)

  • ci: fix ci

1.8.6 (3 月 24 日,2021 年)

  • feat: add fs-chain-api blocklet
  • feat: add asset-chain-api blocklet
  • feat: integrate block-explorer with asset-chain
  • feat: integrate block-explorer with chain-manager

1.8.4 (3 月 24 日,2021 年)

  • fix: indexdb test case
  • feat: support indexing tokenSymbols for transaction
  • feat: support getAccountTokens api
  • fix: throw proper error when getXState with empty param
  • chore: move custom error to util
  • fix: p2pAddress compiled to p2PAddress

1.8.3 (3 月 24 日,2021 年)

  • fix: should enrich context transactions when get state

1.8.2 (3 月 24 日,2021 年)

  • feat: persist failed transaction into statedb
  • fix: graphql client can throw errors as expected
  • chore: remove status-code file
  • fix: revert PagingInput => PageInputInput to make things compatible

1.8.1 (3 月 23 日,2021 年)

  • fix: asset-chain blocklet should listen when ready

1.8.0 (3 月 23 日,2021 年)

  • fix: indexdb test case
  • fix: listTopAccounts not working for fs/memory indexdb
  • fix: listTopAccounts not working for elasticsearch indexdb
  • fix: should set correct paging when do fast return on indexdb
  • fix: should set correct paging when do fast return on indexdb
  • feat: support list assets by factory address
  • chore: make sure e2e test pass for qldb and elasticsearch
  • fix: test case for qldb
  • fix: asset factory not correctly indexed in elasticsearch
  • fix: token index should include faucetSupply field
  • fix: should set proper timeout for e2e tests
  • fix: should index mint/acquire with factory
  • fix: acquire asset not working with qldb as expected

1.7.10 (3 月 23 日,2021 年)

  • fix: consensus version should be same for getNodeInfo and getChainInfo
  • fix: qldb statedb not ready as expected
  • [skip ci] update readme

1.7.9 (3 月 23 日,2021 年)

  • fix: missing and invalid eum def in proto
  • [skip ci] update readme

1.7.8 (3 月 23 日,2021 年)

  • feat: add nft template lib here
  • fix: rename npm scripts
  • fix: createToken api not working properly

1.7.7 (3 月 22 日,2021 年)

  • feat: support create token with faucet supply
  • feat: support faucet with tokens

1.7.6 (3 月 22 日,2021 年)

  • fix: make e2e test case pass
  • fix: make all version of transfer and exchange protocols work
  • feat: mark all new transactions as v2
  • feat: support v2 transactions in config
  • chore: make all tx protocols back compatible

1.7.5 (3 月 22 日,2021 年)

  • fix: listFactories data not properyly formatted #86

1.7.4 (3 月 21 日,2021 年)

  • fix: blocklet bundle should enable --monorepo flag

1.7.3 (3 月 20 日,2021 年)

  • chore: update e2e test case to cover duplication merge
  • feat: merge duplicate contract calls before saving to statedb
  • feat: support getQuota when validate hook contract
  • chore: remove already resolved fixme
  • fix: always use sha3-256 to produce v1.1 jwt token
  • feat: add e2e test for instant asset acquiring and minting
  • fix: asset minting now works in e2e test
  • fix: use lokijs to backup memory statedb
  • fix: do not expose statedb from context to inner pipelines
  • feat: add test case for instant settlement when acquire-asset
  • chore: index accounts field
  • feat: support instant settlement on acquire-asset
  • fix: should check transfer amount in contract dsl
  • feat: add factory hook contract compile when creating factory
  • feat: add factory hook validation when creating factory
  • chore: add .env file creation script
  • feat: complete contract source compile and validate logic
  • chore: add test case for toTokenAddress
  • feat: add skeleton for contract dsl
  • chore: rebuild sdk docs

1.7.2 (3 月 18 日,2021 年)

  • fix: should use jwt v1.1 for newer native wallet
  • fix: disable netlify build trigger on publish

1.7.1 (3 月 17 日,2021 年)

  • fix: asset-chain blocklet is not starting

1.7.0 (3 月 17 日,2021 年)

  • fix: hash jwt message before sign for 1.1
  • fix: fromAppdid should return privateKey as hex
  • chore: add e2e test run command for all examples
  • fix: test case for factory state and add for token state
  • fix: indexdb testsuite failure because api result change
  • chore: polish test case for new tx protocol (#81)
  • feat: add new factory related indexdb api (#78)
  • fix bn.js dep bug in @core/util
  • chore: review updates for create-token-tx (#76)
  • fix: es indexdb base static method call
  • chore: merge with create-token-tx branch
  • fix: duplicate dependency in @ocap client
  • feat: support asset factory in elasticsearch indexb
  • fix: should properly index assets field for acquire/mint asset
  • feat: support asset factory in fs/memory indexb
  • feat: support asset factory in indexb
  • feat: add description field in factory input variable
  • feat: add gql api for fs & memory db
  • fix: sort bug in elasticsearch indexdb
  • feat: add tokens query filter to listTopAccounts
  • feat: add getAssetFactoryState gql api
  • fix: tx receiver get fn
  • fix: tx protocols test case
  • chore: cleanup protobuf files
  • fix: ocap asset package version
  • feat: support mint_asset and its tests
  • chore: enable mint_asset in defaut chain config
  • chore: extract acquire logic to pipe
  • chore: improve test case for acquire_asset tx
  • add listTokens api
  • chore: add basic test case for acquire_asset
  • chore: enable acquire_asset in defaut chain config
  • remove getTokensInfo api and remove decimal attribute
  • feat: basic acquire_asset workflow
  • feat: add last settlement for factory state
  • chore: polish asset proto comments
  • chore: add test case for asset mint
  • chore: add dependency on asset lib in protocols
  • chore: polish asset lib api
  • chore: update yarn.lock
  • Merge branch 'master' into feat-asset-factory
  • feat: move factory related to standalone package
  • feat: add elastic support
  • feat: add qldb support
  • feat: basic client side asset mint workflow
  • chore: improve asset factory data structure
  • chore: raw asset factory mint flow
  • feat: add exchange tokens tx
  • feat: support array when do nested any decoding
  • chore: polish asset factory error codes
  • feat: add getTokensInfo graphql interface
  • feat: add transfer tokens
  • feat: consistent input structure for factory input
  • feat: support update factory state when asset updated
  • feat: support asset factory validating when creating
  • feat: add asset factory validation logic
  • feat: support customize table when extract state
  • feat: support saving factory state on create asset
  • fix: decodeAny should leave data untouched if already decoded
  • refactor: change the time of emit statedb events
  • feat: add asset factory creating process
  • feat: support decode nested data when decodeAnySafe
  • feat: add createtokentx
  • fix: remove enums and use strings instead
  • fix: missing export for factory state
  • chore: add factory table in statedb
  • chore: add factory state
  • chore: polish asset factory state
  • feat: add createtokentx proto
  • chore: use new proto in schema and client
  • chore: add proto for new asset protocols

1.6.5 (3 月 15 日,2021 年)

  • fix: should not use int in gql schema #70

1.6.4 (3 月 12 日,2021 年)

  • fix: not handling base16 addresses correctly
  • fix: did-auth jwt should work with ethereum types
  • fix: ethereum did check should tolerance prefix

1.6.3 (3 月 10 日,2021 年)

  • chore: use latest verify-updater pipe in tx protocol
  • feat: support more flexible updater verify for asset
  • fix: build issue caused by sed/gsed

1.6.2 (3 月 10 日,2021 年)

  • fix: verify-signature pipe should handle delegation as expected
  • chore: add ethereum related test case in protocols
  • chore: add ethereum test case in ocap client
  • fix: should use bn for balance verification

1.6.1 (3 月 9 日,2021 年)

  • add ocap/did/nft sdk

0.6.13 (2 月 25 日,2021 年)

  • fix: should return cursor as 0 when no next page

0.6.12 (2 月 25 日,2021 年)

  • fix: rename es index and polish mapping
  • fix: disable dynamic index mapping to avoid unexpected bugs
  • chore: disable pretty print to get smaller log

0.6.11 (2 月 25 日,2021 年)

  • fix: include asset.data in listAssets to avoid breaking wallets

0.6.10 (2 月 25 日,2021 年)

  • fix: asset-chain transaction config for poke
  • fix: getForgeState should set txConfig.declare.cost to 0
  • fix: ocap config schema should include declare related

0.6.9 (2 月 24 日,2021 年)

  • fix: disable graphql query validation to fix listTransactions api

0.6.8 (2 月 24 日,2021 年)

  • fix: gql result creator should handle empty result properly

0.6.7 (2 月 24 日,2021 年)

  • fix: format data error in resolver

0.6.6 (2 月 23 日,2021 年)

  • fix: ocap config caused crash in production build

0.6.5 (2 月 23 日,2021 年)

  • fix: blocklet deployment env

0.6.4 (2 月 23 日,2021 年)

  • chore: merge blocklet publish and deploy job

0.6.3 (2 月 23 日,2021 年)

  • chore: refactor github workflow scripts

0.6.2 (2 月 23 日,2021 年)

  • feat: add asset-chain deploy script
  • feat: bump blocklet version
  • fix: change blocklet version to 0.6.1

0.6.1 (2 月 23 日,2021 年)

  • feat: add common test suites for indexdb table

0.6.0 (2 月 23 日,2021 年)

  • feat: polish coverage for indexdb
  • feat: add qldb indexdb interface
  • feat: add elasticsearch indexdb interface
  • feat: add fs and memory indexdb interface
  • feat: add fs and memory statedb interface
  • feat: add interface interface
  • feat: add statedb interface
  • feat: add state implementations
  • feat: add forge-compatible gql resolvers
  • feat: add forge-compatible gql package
  • feat: add forge-compatible tx protocol implementations
  • feat: add forge-compatible tx pipeline implementations
  • chore: make repo dependencies and dev workflow up-to-date

0.5.4 (12 月 31 日,2020 年)

  • chore: bump forge sdk version

0.5.3 (12 月 30 日,2020 年)

  • chore: bump forge sdk version

0.5.2 (12 月 28 日,2020 年)

  • chore: bump forge sdk version

0.5.1 (12 月 23 日,2020 年)

  • chore: bump forge sdk version

0.5.0 (12 月 23 日,2020 年)

  • chore: bump forge sdk version

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