Author: Paper (ArcBlock Engineer)

Version update preview

  • New UI design, adapted to the overall design style of DID Wallet 4.0
  • New Favorite Token feature
  • Like Token synchronized with wallet subscription
  • Favorite Tokens sorting function

1. How to add favorite Tokens

  1. Add directly in DID Wallet by clicking on the Token Data subscription block.
  1. Add it by logging into the Token Data Blocklet page via DID Wallet.

2. Sort and modify fiat unit function

2.1 In the DID wallet

  1. Click on the Exploere page.
  2. Open Token Data
  3. Switch to the Favorite page and hold the Token you can drag to sort
  4. Click the Token button in the title bar to switch Token units

2.2 In the Token Data Web page

  1. Open the Token Data page and scan the code to log in
  2. Switch to the favorite page
  3. Mouse click on the drag and drop image to drag Tokens to sort

Finally, you are welcome to download or update DID Wallet to experience our latest version, and if you encounter problems in using the wallet, you can try to find answers at DID Wallet Help Site.