August felt like it flew by, and a big reason for that is that a lot did happen this month. In addition to the usual progress on product and technology, we started attending more marketing and evangelism events.

Marketing Activities

We were actively involved in SquareDAO, a DAO organization for Builders, and on August 13 we organized a discussion on DID on Twitter Space. The speakers were Xiao Feng, Chairman of Wanxiang Blockchain, Zhihong Mao, Founder and CEO of ArcBlock, and Yan Zhang, CEO of AirSwift. The Twitter Space had over 1,000 attendees at the event, and about 1,600 people listened to the recording afterwards, and there were several newsletters in the industry media. The event was well received. For those interested, you can hear the recording in the twitter space:

On August 22nd, we attended the Gartner Identity and Access Management Summit in Las Vegas, one of the largest conferences of the year on user identity and access management technologies (IAM), but the field is still dominated by traditional solutions. Gartner, Microsoft, and IBM all presented products and technology trends based on decentralized identity, and we were able to have the opportunity to understand the current state of the market and learn about potential partners and competitors.

We also attended the DWeb Camp event at Camp Navarro, CA on August 24 and spoke and discussed on several of the agendas. We had demonstrations and in-depth conversations about decentralized identity (DID), decentralized applications, and other partners who attended the conference, as well as learning about the technologies and products of some other partners, building the foundation for potential future partnerships.

We also participated in the discussion and creation of ETCDAO, clarified our approach to the Ethereum PoS upgrade in September, and added support for Ethereum Classic (ETC) to our DID Wallet as support for the Ethereum Classic community.

Product Development

In August we had some refocusing of our product development and our engineering team is spending more time and effort optimizing our product website and developer documentation. We've made a lot of progress on product iterations in the past product development phase, but it's true that our product site and development documentation look very inadequate in comparison. As our product enters a more stable phase, we need to bring in more developers and partners, and we need to put more effort into documentation, etc. These have been important parts of our product development improvements this month. We expect to have significant results to present in October.

Media and Community

There were a number of media interviews and quotes from us in August.

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