By: Nate Robinson (Head of Wallet and Application, DID Labs)

A whole month has passed since the last release, and this month DID Wallet has made more efforts in chain support and transaction display. The main updates are as follows:

DID Wallet 4.5 (iOS and Android)

  1. Support buy ABT token directly within the wallet via Coinbase Pay
  2. New transaction UI
  3. Backup and restore process improvement, add tips
  4. Support for Solana chains
  5. Support for viewing other's NFTs
  6. Optimize the support of ERC721 NFTs
  7. Add QR code receipent on home page for easier access
  8. Make it easier to hide and display the amount of fiat currency
  9. Fix known issues

Android Specific Improvements

  1. Optimize token price update logic
  2. Optimize the experience of adding Token through Smart Contract address

iOS Specific Improvements

  1. iCloud backup file format and path optimization

The following are details of some of the major updates.

Support buy ABT token directly within the wallet via Coinbase Pay

Since the last version, the wallet already support buy crypto in DID Wallet via Coinbase Pay.

We officially support for buying ABT token directly within the wallet via Coinbase Pay in this release:

buy abt

New transaction UI

tx ui

How to accurately and clearly communicate information about the transactions that occur on the chain in the wallet to the wallet user is the main goal of this update to our transaction UI.

On the transaction list page, the user can know exactly what the transaction is related to:

  • Another account in their own wallet
  • an dapp user interacted with before
  • A contact that they have added

When the user enters the details page, they can see more detailed information, the page is divided from top to bottom into

  • Transaction metadata, such as type, chain, status, time, etc.
  • Transaction-related account display, such as who sent it to whom, etc.
  • Transaction-related asset changes
  • Transaction hash display and quick links to relavant block explorer page

For some transactions that can be operated, there are also some function buttons at the bottom, such as canceling or accelerate an ongoing transaction.


Backup and restore process improvement, add tips

We have added more textual explanations to the backup recovery process to help some novice users understand the differences between different backup operations.


We hope that the inclusion of these explanatory pop-ups will make it clearer for users to know the difference between different backup recovery methods.

Support for Solana chains

We have added support for Solana chains in V4.5. The DID wallet has always had a goal of supporting more great chains.

The support for Solana chains in V4.5 includes

  • Support for adding Solana chains and accounts
  • Support for displaying Solana main token balances
  • Support for sending Solana main token

In the future we will also add support for SPL tokens.


Optimize the support of ERC721

The NFTs on the EVM chains that currently support trading on are supported to be added and displayed in the wallet, here is CryptoKitties the NFT as an example:


We welcome everyone to download or update DID Wallet and experience the new version yourself, if you hit any problem or need more information you can try our DID Wallet Support Site to find the answer.