By: Nate Robinson (Head of Wallet and Application, DID Labs)

Throughout June, we continued to work towards our goal of making the DID Wallet more useful and easy to use, and continued to polish the details of the wallet features. The main updates are:

DID Wallet 4.4 (iOS and Android)

  1. Support buy crypto on the main ethereum network through Coinbase Pay in the wallet
  2. Optimize wallet sharing experience, support sharing accounts, apps, wallets, etc.
  3. Update the transaction list, the list information is more clear and concise
  4. Optimize on-chain data synchronization logic, significantly reduce the single synchronization time
  5. Support jumping from token detail page to the chain to view Token detail
  6. Support ENS reverse parsing
  7. Support IPFS gateway
  8. Other known issues fixed

Android Specific Improvements

  1. Modify the pop-up style of Wallet Connect pages
  2. Fix the problem of built-in WebView input method blocking input box

iOS Specific Improvements

  1. Support iCloud Backup and Recovery

I will give a detailed introduction to some of the major optimization updates.

Support buy crypto via Coinbase Pay in the wallet

We've made the experience of buying cryptocurrency within the DID Wallet smooth and easy by integrating Coinbase Pay.

For more details, please see: Buy Crypto In DID Wallet Via Coinbase Pay

New sharing card styles

We have updated all the sharing card styles for the wallet, currently the following sharing actions are supported.

  • Share your own wallet address
  • Share your own NFT
  • Share the Dapp you have visited
  • Share DID wallet

The following image shows the effect of a shared NFT. share

Transaction list update

In V4.4 we redesigned the UX/UI for the transaction list. The goal of the entire trade list UI is to give the user a clear picture from the list page of what a transaction is.

  • What the transaction is doing
  • What the current status of the transaction is
  • Who the transaction is with
  • Which chain the transaction is in
  • What assets are involved in the transaction


In future versions, we will continue to optimize this side, and the new design of the transaction detail page will follow one after another.

Support for ENS Reverse Resolution

If your DID wallet address has purchased an ENS domain, DID Wallet will currently help you automatically identify it. Also, if the contact you added to the Ethernet mainnet also has its own ENS domain name, the wallet will help you resolve it automatically as well.


The data in the image is for demonstration purpose only, not real data

iOS Wallet supports iCloud backup and recovery

To make it easier for iOS users to use the iCloud backup feature in Wallet, we support automatically encrypting the Wallet private key data before backing it up to iCloud when backing up, so you can restore your Wallet anytime, anywhere.

Currently, iCloud backup only backs up the master private key and mnemonic codes.


We welcome everyone to download or update DID Wallet and experience the new version yourself, if you hit any problem or need more information you can try our DID Wallet Support Site to find the answer.