Today, we are announcing that DID Wallet (Android, iOS) fully supports Coinbase Pay! If you use DID Wallet and are also a Coinbase user, you will have the ability to purchase cryptocurrencies in DID Wallet with a few simple button clicks (first time users will need to sign in to Coinbase account).

What is Coinbase Pay?

Coinbase Pay is a payment feature that allows you to buy or transfer supported crypto on Coinbase directly from self-custody wallets (like DID Wallet) and dapps.

Coinbase Pay is produced by Coinbase, Coinbase currently supports many countries and regions, you can click here to see if your country is supported, or you can click here It's easy to create a Coinbase account.

The DID wallet purchase feature currently supports accounts on the ethereum main network, and the types of ethereum cryptocurrencies supported are:

Changes to the purchase process

Before Coinbase Pay was integrated into the DID wallet, if you wanted to save digital assets to the DID wallet, the process was roughly as follows.

  1. Go to an exchange like platform and complete the purchase of cryptocurrency using fiat currency
  2. Wait for the purchased cryptocurrency to be free to flow (usually takes T+1 days)
  3. Go to the DID wallet and find the address of the cryptocurrency account you want to receive and copy it
  4. Go to the exchange, find the purchased cryptocurrency and click Send, fill in the address you copied in the previous step
  5. Verify the address carefully to prevent errors in the copied address
  6. Verify the chain carefully to prevent going to the wrong chain
  7. Confirm the send, wait for the transaction to be uploaded and return to the DID wallet to wait for the assets to arrive

The whole process requires switching back and forth between different software, and there are many manual operations in the middle, such as address copying, chain selection, etc., which may cause the loss of assets in case of accidental mistakes.

With the integration of Coinbase Pay, the whole process is much more streamlined and eliminates the headache of checking and verifying.

How to buy cryptocurrency from within your wallet

First, see a moving demonstration of the purchase process (already logged into your Coinbase account).


After logging into your Coinbase account in advance, the process can be completed in just a few clicks:

  1. Find the type of digital currency you want to buy and your account
  2. Click the Buy button to invoke the ArcBlock purchase service
  3. Confirm your chain and account address and click Proceed to Purchase
  4. Complete the purchase in Coinbase
  5. Wait for the on-chain transaction to complete and refresh your wallet

The whole process is done in the DID wallet, there is no manual copying of addresses, the chain and address information are automatically passed through the program to avoid the risk of misuse.

Update your DID wallet and try out Coinbase Pay now!