By: Chen Lin (ArcBlock Engineer)

After more than three months of polishing, 363 commits and 27 minor iterations, Blocklet Server version 1.8.0 was officially released on June 25, 2022.

To try out the latest version, you can run npm install -g @blocklet/cli to get it.

Blocklet Server 1.8.0 major updates:

Blocklet Component

Composability is one of the core features of Blocklets. In version 1.8.0, we continue to improve the composability of blocklets

  • Supporting the combination of multi-level embedding, the composability of Blocklet has been significantly enhanced

component 1

  • The Header/Footer of the Blocklet component is unified with the application, which improves the flexibility and experience of the Blocklet component

header footer 1

header footer 2

  • Support for combining multiple identical components in Blocklet App

multi instance

Launch Blocklet

  • We added setup flow for Blocklet, help you to run a Blocklet with more peace of mind

setup 1

setup 2

setup 3

setup 4

  • We also refactored the process of dynamically adding components

add component 1

add component 2

add component 3

Connect Blocklet

  • You can switch your profile and passport after connecting to Blocklet


  • Improved UI of invite members page


Blocklet Developer

  • Blocklet SDK

    • Support query, paging and sorting for getUsers() API
  • Development of Blocklets

    • Use blocklet dev add/remove to add or remove components in blocklet.yml
    • Support for resetting installed Blocklets using blocklet dev clear
    • Support setting a certain version number for Blocklet Component
    • Support setting multiple installation sources, any accessible installation source will be used during installation for Blocklet Component
    • You can write an blocklet introduction in or
    • Blocklet introduction supports referencing local resource files, for example, you can insert pictures or videos in
    • Blocklet iIntroduction supports i18n

Blocklet Server

Blocklet Server 是 Blocklet 运行的基石. 在 1.8.0 版本中,我们为 Blocklet Server 做了以下改进

  • Blocklet Server 控制台中添了加审核日志

Blocklet Server is the infrastructure of Blocklet App. In version 1.8.0, we made the following improvements for Blocklet Server

  • Added audit log to Blocklet Server console

audit log

  • Support for transferring Blocklet Server owners
  • Enhanced download protection for paid Blocklets
  • UI improvements to the Blocklet Server Console
  • New branding for the Blocklet server

Other improvements

  • End-to-end encryption of sensitive information in DID Connect sessions
  • Blocklet Server gateway supports current limiting via client ip
  • Blocklet Server gateway supports http2
  • Dependent base library upgrade: upgrade to react 18 and mui v5
  • Numerous bug fixes and stability improvements