By: Nate Robinson (Head of Wallet and Application, DID Labs)

We have made a lot of detailed improvements for DID:Wallet in the May, most of those are related to usability and stability. Here is a list:

DID:Wallet 4.3 (iOS and Android)

  1. Update the messaging UI
  2. Added DID Motif to the wallet home and support custom wallet name
  3. Sound and visual effect during wallet initialize
  4. Unify the menu and action sheet styles
  5. Improved the sending and account selection experience
  6. Improved DID:Connect experience for connected apps, allowed manual reconnect
  7. Unified Wallet Connect application management UI with the QR Code scan UI
  8. Optimize the update app experience and add the display of update logs
  9. Fix the UNS (Unstoppable Domains) issues after UNS upgrade
  10. Other bug-fixes

Android Specific Improvements

  1. Optimize the QR code display and improved performance by using the caching mechanism
  2. Optimize chain management, add prompt and data refresh logic
  3. Performance optimization, the app size is smaller and user experience is much faster

I will give a detailed introduction to some of the major optimization updates.

New Messaging and Notification User Experience

We started roll out the new messaging and notification design. This is just a begining and we will continue to enrich the featuresand optimize the user experience in the future. What's new in this update:

  • Pin important message
  • Mute mesage/notification
  • Unread indicator

message ui message ui

Use DID Motif for wallet and allow customized name

To make the front page of each wallet more recognizable, we added DID Motif animated elements and custom wallet name (which can be customized on the Settings page).

Here, for example, I gave my DID Wallet my own name: Nate's Wallet.

home ui

Improved DID:Connect experience and reconnect mechanism

The wallet now provides the ability to manage subscription connections on the app detail page. If the connection was lost, there is an indicator at the top of the app detail page and the user can click to reconnect.

dapp detail

In-app Versions and Updates History

We added in-app update logs allowing users to see the wallet update history for all versions since V1.0:

version logs

Fix the UNS issues

The wallet now supports ENS and UNS domain name better, allows users to use the decentralized domain name service on several places.

uns ens

We welcome everyone to download or update DID Wallet and experience the new version yourself, if you hit any problem or need more information you can try our DID Wallet Support Site to find the answer.