May may seem a bit uneventful on the surface, and there's not much to write about when it comes to monthly highlights, but this month our team did a lot of detailed product improvements and updates as usual, as you can see in our Github, NPM release logs. In addition to technology development, we also did a lot of "background" work that may be important for our long-term development, but may take a longer time to manifest.

may cover

ArcBlock platform product line is stabilizing

After several years of intensive development, the ArcBlock platform product line has stabilized, and our key components will continue to be updated, and we will continue to fill in the gaps where they may be. You'll see our product updates continue to be released as always, but this means that in the next phase our focus will be mostly on product stability and performance, and we'll also spend more effort on reusable components as well as applications.

The other part we've been focusing our time on lately is the developer experience, which is a more integrated thing, partly documentation, product introduction, and better website content, and partly iterating on the details of the product SDK and framework. Most of this work will be more detailed and it's not easy to see the results of the output.

The developer conference will be postponed to the second half of the year

For the past two years our developer conferences have been held in June, but this year we have decided to push that back a bit. The main reason for this is that as we see the global epidemic receding and life starting to normalize, we expect to have an offline face-to-face developer event, and even though this may be on a smaller scale or held in combination with an offline event, we're really looking forward to a more face-to-face connection with our developer community. And as our own team has grown and we've become a true online team without anyone having met all the other people in the real world, we're looking forward to an event where most of our team can get together and join our developer community, which would be a very rewarding thing to do.