By: Nate Robinson (Head of Wallet and Application, DID Labs)

It has been a whole month since our latest 4.1 release, now 4.2 is on its way!

In this month, we made numerous optimizations and improvements, and we also launched two supporting blocklets to help users use DID Wallet better.

DID Wallet Support:

Dapp Explore:

Here are the major updates to V4.2 for Android and iOS:

1. Supporting the Layer2 blockchain Arbitrum

We have added the support for Arbitrum, we also integrated Arbitrum Bridge to make it simple and fast to move assets between Ethereum and Arbitrum.

arbitrum arbitrum

We will add more layer 1 and layer 2 support in the upcoming releases.

2. Optimize the Ethereum web app experience

The built-in browser now supports both WalletConnect and Web3J to connect with Ethereum Dapps. Most of those Ethereum Dapps in the market can easily connect and sign messages and transactions in the DID Wallet.

3. Better OpenSea and Etherscan support for Ethereum Accounts

Users can go directly to Opensea to view their NFT assets with one click from the account details page. They can easily open Etherscan to check the latest status or transactions.

opensea etherscan

4. Wallet Creation Animation

We add animation during the wallet creation process with DID Motif. DID Motifi is algorithm generated avatar for DID, we have open sourced DID Motif code in Github, feel free to check out:

DID Motif Android:

DID Motif iOS:


5. Built-in Dapp Explorer

We added a built-in Dapp Explorer portal in the wallet to make it easy to discover new and cool dApps. We will continuously maintain and add more DApps for users to easily access them with one click.

dapp explore dapp explore home

6. On-line help for DID Wallet

In order to help new users learn the Wallet quickly, we built a blocklet dedicated for DID Wallet Support.

need help did-wallet-support

7. Connected Ethereum Apps are now searchable

We now support searchable history of Ethereum Apps that have been connected with WalletConnect or Web3J as long as any DID:Connect enabled apps.


8. Give DID Wallet reviews in App Store

If you like DID Wallet, please give us a review in the App Store. The DID Wallet now has a menu item to let you go to the App Store review page easily.