Author: Gu Xuewu (Head of Wallet and Applications, DID Labs)

Today we released DID Wallet 4.0 updates for Android and iOS. This is a major update with over 100 iterations and improvements.

So what’s new for version 4.0? Please see the details below.

1. Brand new 4.0 UI

New UI

DID Wallet 4.0 got a complete face lift. We polished the UI/UX design, from color, font size, page layout to the user interactions. We improved a lot of UX details and hopefully bring a better experience and satisfaction to our users.

2. New page navigation

New Navigation

We re-designed the page layout and navigation model. We introduced an app-wide pop-up navigation design to allow users to stay in the context while they handle their digital assets.

3. Simplified on-borad experience

On-board the DID Wallet and create the first DID now can be completed within one click.

Shake the phone or tap a button to recreate a new DID as they wish.

Create Wallet

4. Improved digital assets management

Asset Manage

All tokens and NFTs can be discovered on the same page when the user opens the DID Wallet. This gives users an aggregated overall view of their digital assets, no matter which blockchain those assets are located.

5. New “Explore” Tab


We introduced a new “Explore” tab from this update on, any ArcBlock Blocklet based dApps can easily push information to the users through this tab. We’ll allow rich format content and real-time updates.

6. New “Messages” Tab


We also introduced a new “Messages” tab from this update on, any ArcBlock Blocklet based dApps can easily support messaging features and can send and receive real-time messages to/from the users.

7. Combined QR code sharing and scaning UI


We combine the UX of scanning code and sharing QR code into one, so that users can switch between scanning and sharing easily.

8. More Blockchain are supported

At present, in addition to the Ethereum main network in the wallet, we have also added support for the following EVM chains in version 4.0:

  • Ropsten
  • Rinkeby
  • Goerli
  • Kovan
  • Binance Smart Chain
  • Binance Smart Chain Test Chain

In the future, we will continue to support more layer 1 and layer 2 blockchains.

9. Support ERC721 NFT

Now you can also use DID Wallet to manage your ERC721 NFT assets. Just go to the Ethereum account details page, click the menu to add your ERC721 tokens.

We have some further improvement plans on our upcoming updates, including:

  • Online help and document integration
  • Better token and chain management
  • Better experience of using dApps in the wallet
  • ...

We will continue to improve and make DID Wallet one of the best and safest decentralized digital wallet on the market.

In addition, we contributed two open source projects on Github:

DID Motif

DID Motif is an automatic avatar library specially designed for DID addresses. Using this library, each DID will get a unique DID exclusive icon.

At present, our block browser and DID Wallet already support DID Motif, and we also fully open source the implementation of DID Motif and share it with the community. In the future, we will have a dedicated article to give a complete introduction to DID Motif.


StylizeQRCode is a custom QR code style library for the Android platform.