February is a short month, and our China based team had a week long holiday for Chinese New Year, yet we still made tremendous progress on our product and marketing side.

Product releases and feature highlights

Most of the work we’ve done in this month is “polishing” product details, those details include the UI details, performance, and developer experiences.

DID Wallet 4.0 will be released soon, we spend a lot of time on the fine grain details, our engineering team are making a lot of progress and the ultimate goal is to make DID Wallet 4.0 the most powerful crypto wallet product in the market. We won’t share the details until the release date, so stay tuned!

Our design team spent a lot of time on the upgraded visual, branding, logos, websites and UI/UX details, those results are yet to be released to the public, but it will be valuable in the longer run.

design concepts

A few design concepts our design team is exploring

This time I would like to unveil two “Code Name” projects for a quick preview. They are simple and focused internal projects but they have potential to become some really important features in the upcoming products.

XMark V2 (Code Name)

XMark has been our internal “secret” content tool since the inception of ArcBlock, and we just make it much better in the V2. We have shared that all ArcBlock’s websites are actually Blocklets and runs on ArcBlock platform for a long time as a practice of “eating own dogfood”, but do you know what kind of framework and tools we are building with? That’s XMark, it’s our internal “secret weapon” and has proven to be extremely useful for rich content websites.

We just built version 2 XMark and this time we plan to make it public and become a content tool for the ArcBlock ecosystem and developer communities. Note that “XMark” is just an internal code name, the final product won't be named “XMark”.

DID Motif (Code Name)

DID Motif is a automatic and deterministic generated icon for DID, it’s similar to Etherum’s “Blockie” icon but just looks nicer. You will see this lovely little icon everywhere soon, and they will be helpful for you to identify the accounts, IDs, and prevent fraud or bad users.

We will open source the algorithm and the code of DID Motif and will write an engineering blog explaining more in detail.

First Patent Granted

On Feb 8th, the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) granted the “Blockchain delegation” patent to us! This is a milestone for ArcBlock since this is our first granted patent (though this is not the first patent we filed). There are several other patents pending and we are filing more.

Blockchain delegation patent

Marketing Events

We appeared at Solana Hacker House Seattle, and ETH Denver, met a lot of old and new friends, lots of potential partners and opportunities.