By: Nate Robinson (Head of Wallet and Application, ArcBlock)

ArcBlock just released DID Wallet updates for Android, iOS and Web. Here are a few features details of this update:

DID Wallet for Android V3.9.0

  • Ethereum transactions queue
  • Optimize Wallet Connect 2.0 support
  • Minor bug fixes

DID Wallet for iOS V3.8.10

  • Adapt to OCAP chain update
  • Minor bug fixes

DID Wallet for Web V3.8.7

  • Adapt to OCAP chain update
  • Better support for Stake transactions
  • Minor bug fixes

Enhanced features

1. Ethereum Transactions Queue

tx queue

DID Wallet can now send multiple Ethereum transactions at the same time, and the transactions are queued automatically, the wallet user experiences is now optimized and the users won't need to wait until previous transaction complete.

2. Optimized Wallet Connect 2.0 experience

change address

Users can select which Ethereum address to use for Wallet Connect, and can switch later.

support multi wallet connect

Users can now connect to multiple DApps via Wallet Connect 2.0 at the same time.

To experience those improvements, please download or update the wallet and try it yourself: