By: Chen Lin (ArcBlock Engineer)

After more than two months of polishing, 175 commits and 21 minor iterations, Blocklet Server version 165.0 was officially released on July 14, 2021.

To try out the latest version, you can run npm install -g @blocklet/cli to get it.

Blocklet Server 1.6.0 major updates:

Product name change

  • For User

    • Rename ABT Node to Blocklet Server
  • For Developer

    • Upgrade @abtnode/cli to @blocklet/cli
    • Upgrade abtnode <action> to blocklet server <action>

Blocklet Server

  • Support Blocklet-based access address, routing, and security configuration


  • Support custom name and description when creating Blocklet Server
  • Install the application via Launcher: greatly optimize UI/UX, support responsive layout
  • Provide support for "getting applications for zero configuration" on the Blocklet Server side: you can install and start an application through a pass when you are not logged in
  • Better DID Connect 2.0 support: Log in to ABT Node, log in to Blocklet, and the process of buying Blocklet also supports DID Connect 2.0 interaction
  • Provide better Websocket support for Blocklet: Websocket server supports working in blocklet cluster mode

Blocklet Spec

  • Blocklet can only declare one web interface
  • Support the ability to extend server through wellknown type interface
  • Charge related configuration through the charging attribute

Blocklet Develop

  • Support for adding custom data migration scripts for Blocklet
  • Blocklet SDK adds NeDB-based Database

Performance and safety

  • Event hub message service supports grouping, enhancing the isolation between blocklet and abtnode.
  • Improve the access speed of blocklet list page and detail page; reduce the front-end static resource package volume by 70%.