By: Chen Lin (ArcBlock Engineer)

After more than two months of polishing, 161 commits and 14 minor iterations, ABT Node version 1.5.0 was officially released on July 14, 2021.

To try out the latest version, you can run npm install -g @abtnode/cli to get it.

ABT Node 1.5.0 major updates:

Team Management

  • UI has been greatly optimized: redesigned team management, passport management, permission management pages and interactions, and a better user experience
  • Support passport retrieval: You can use DID wallet to retrieve your lost passport
  • Support to configure the permissions of an external passport: When a member uses an external passport to access your blocklet, you can specify whether the passport is valid and what permissions it has


  • Automatically generate a secure endpoint with an independent domain name for each blocklet: After installing a blocklet, ABT Node will automatically generate a https address with an independent domain for this blocklet, thereby enhancing the accessibility, isolation and security of the blocklet
  • Support the establishment of an authenticated websocket connection: through the authentication service provided by ABT Node, blocklet developers can add authentication capabilities to websocket connections with simple configuration
  • Blocklet SDK supports permission management API: Blocklet developers can use Blocklet SDK to set and manage permissions (based on RBAC)
  • Support setting application ID based on ETH format for Blocklet

ABT Node

  • Significantly improve the experience of using Docker

UI Optimize

  • Redesign the page and interaction of team management, passport management and permission management 1


  • New DID Connect component 3
  • Add about page in Dashboard
  • Some list pages in Dashboard support paging


  • Some bug fixes, stability optimization, security optimization