The official website of ArcBlock DevCon 2021 was launched on May 18, 2021, predicting that the second ArcBlock Developer Conference will be held in one month.


ArcBlock DevCon 2021 with the topic of Building Blocks for Web 3.0 is scheduled to be held online on June 18th.

Global developers and community supporters will watch the latest videos that elaborate ArcBlock's platform, listen to keynotes, product demos and workshops to introduce ArcBlock technology and products from the ArcBlock R&D team, experts and ecological partners. ArcBlock DevCon 2021 will help audience to understand how ArcBlock creates a Dapp development platform integrated with self-sovereign identity, personal data storag and decentralized computing and its ecosystem when it focus on the experience of application developers and end users, which in turn translate into the arrival of Web 3.0 through the mass adoption of decentralized applications.

Anyone only needs to download and use ABT Wallet to sign up the DevCon. All attendees can watch all DevCon content, check-in to claim the countdown badges, event badges, completion certificates and NFTs of a mysterious game. The details are to be announced through the DevCon site and press release.

In the coming month, the guests, partners and schedule of the ArcBlock Devcon 2021 will be announced one after another. The DevCon will provide tickets of premium and free. Attendees need to use their ABT wallet to signup and receive tickets. The details such as related rights and price will be announced on DevCon site soon.