The development progress ArcBlock engineering team made for its Dapps platform from April 17 to April 30, 2021 is as follows:

ABT Node

release 1.3.2 on April 30

  • Core

    • fix: queue not working as expected when "maxRetries" set to 0
    • feat: display price for paid blocklet on marketplace detail
    • fix: marketplace detail page error caused by meta verify logic
    • fix: add signatures and lastPublishedAt into blocklet schema
    • fix: more robust blocklet meta verification process
    • fix: responsive support for all core workflow pages/popups
  • CLI

    • fix: blocklet dev is broken
    • fix: only stop running blocklets when abtnode stop
  • Service

    • feat: design and implement the event-bus module: ongoing
    • feat: design and implement the purpose pub-sub service: ongoing
  • DevOps

    • fix: "lerna version" should bump to exact version
    • fix: enforce branch workflow: only release pr can submit against master


  • ABT Node Launcher

    • fix: more robust instance creating process
    • feat: support stop/start node directly from NFT
    • feat: working on efficient resource management for expired instances: ongoing
  • NFT Store

    • feat: support pagination on home page, detail page and order history
  • Blocklet Registry

    • fix: should return token symbol within blocklet meta to abtnode
    • feat: adaptive to requests from abt-node to eliminate release blocking issue
  • OCAP Playground

    • fix: verify node ownership nft test case

Asset Chain

  • Asset Chain (4 patch release)

    • feat: support max pagination size up to 100 for listX api
    • feat: support tx receipts in transaction state and index
    • chore: update data migration scripts to generate tx receipts
    • feat: support cluster mode for chain blocklets: ready for load testing
    • feat: support sorting by name/numMinted for listFactories api

ABT Wallet

  • iOS Wallet

    • chore: bug bash and release 2.8.0
    • chore: cleanup the codebase for v3.0
    • feat: start working on v3.0, ongoing
  • Android Wallet

    • chore: cleanup the codebase for v3.0
    • feat: start working on v3.0, ongoing
  • Web Wallet

    • chore: release 0.3.4
    • chore: publish to official registry for private hosting
    • chore: start working on v3.0, ongoing


  • Production Nodes: production nodes upgraded to latest ABT Node
  • Bake ABT Node AMI for latest release v1.3.1

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