The development progress ArcBlock engineering team made for its Dapps platform from April 10 to April 16, 2021 is as follows:

ABT Node

  • Core

    • feat: support checking and upgrading child components
    • fix: blocklet bundle mtime caused cache issue
    • fix: polish blocklet purchase workflow
    • fix: polish node nft and purchase nft verify workflow
    • fix: support access-control-max-age for better cors
    • fix: layout error in logger and console page
    • feat: support client side searching on marketplace page
    • feat: support share app name/desc for blocklet groups
    • fix: responsive layout for node setup page
    • fix: only use registry cdn when downloading blocklets


  • ABT Node Launcher

    • feat: support NFT endpoint v3
    • feat: support cache for NFT display endpoint
    • fix: view dashboard issue
  • NFT Store

    • fix: responsive layout for all pages
    • fix: change icons to font-awesome
    • fix: validate factory address on detail/purchage page
    • feat: return vc object to wallet for nextWorkflow
  • Blocklet Registry

    • feat: show blocklet publish time and version
    • feat: support new nft status endpoint
    • feat: support cache for NFT display endpoint
    • feat: add cdnUrl field in blocklet meta api
    • fix: default chain host point to staging
  • OCAP Playground

    • feat: add full test case for NFT Endpoint V3
    • feat: support NFT endpoint v3
    • feat: support verify-nft test case (filter by vc.tag)

Asset Chain

  • Asset Chain (8 patch release)

    • fix: remove useless debug statement in pipeline running
    • fix: reduce request on ocap client init to improve performance
    • fix: production blocklet logging (add timing)
    • feat: add performance stats for all graphql api
    • feat: only emit statedb change events on transaction success
    • chore: make statedb updates concurrent when create asset
    • feat: support transaction retry on qldb by reset context
    • fix: should catch all errors for underlying runAsLambda

ABT Wallet

  • iOS Wallet

    • chore: internal bug bash and fix for new tx protocol support
    • feat: working on NFT related feature
  • Android Wallet

    • fix: bug found during node and blocklet purchase workflow
    • feat: support NFT Endpoint v3
    • chore: ready to release 2.8.0
  • Web Wallet

    • chore: performance improvement
    • feat: support NFT Endpoint v3
    • fix: bugs found during node and blocklet purchase workflow
    • chore: publish abt-wallet to official registry
    • chore: ready to release 0.3.4
  • UX Library

    • feat: polish Layout component


  • Production Nodes: production nodes upgraded to latest ABT Node
  • Trigger publish for payment-demo blocklet
  • Bake ABT Node AMI for latest release v1.2.13
  • Change Node.js from v12 to v14 in ABT Node Base Image

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