ArcBlock has released an updated ChangeLog for version 1.2.6 of ABT Node, its DApp Developer Platform with new features and updates.

ArcBlock DApp Platform Update: 1.2.6

ArcBlock releases DApp Platform 1.2.6 including:

  • Optimization and performance improvements
  • Bug fixes
  • User experience improvements
  • Blocklet improvements

1.2.6 (March 29, 2021)

  • fix: should not allow adding exist routing rule
  • fix: Promise.allSetted does not exist in nodejs v12.7.0
  • fix: web wallet button is missing for localStorage not set
  • feat: support creating blocklet nft factory on publish
  • feat: auto merge auth config of chlild blocklet to parent
  • feat: support request and verify owner nft on node setup
  • fix: auth service should not cache session api
  • feat(ui): add component info in blocklet overview
  • feat: maxRetries can be set to 0 in @abtnode/queue
  • fix: prune should not stop when an error occurred durning finding blocklet bundle
  • fix: should support unified login status for blocklet component
  • fix: should deploy files defined in blocklet.yml
  • fix: blocklet status not update correctly when upgrading a running blocklet
  • fix: should not start blocklet if required config is missing
  • fix: blocklet status is always starting
  • fix: logo image on marketplace page
  • fix: clear blocklet registry cache after switched registry
  • fix: could not request font resource
  • fix(blocklet init): should not create main property if group is gateway
  • fix: static resource proxy works not as expected

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