The development progress ArcBlock engineering team made from February 6 to February 20, 2021 is as follows:

ABT Node

  • Release

    • Bug bash and release 1.2.1 on February 20
  • Core

    • chore: design auth-service sdk for blocklets (on going)
    • chore: add e2e test for auth-service
    • chore: support multiple registry in marketplace page (on going)
    • chore: several minor bug fix and UX improvements
    • cli: support asset-chain bundle when blocklet bundle

Blocklets & Services

  • Block Explorer

    • fix: redirect issue when filter transactions by hash
  • Payment Gateway

    • feat: implement elasticsearch indexdb adapter
    • chore: import data to staging statedb and indexdb
    • feat: wrap all packages as new asset-chain blocklet
    • chore: improve coverage for all indexdb adapters

ABT Wallet

  • Native Wallet: bug bash and bug fix for the refactored version
  • Web Wallet: bug bash and bug fix for the v0.2.16 (on ongoing)


  • Production Nodes: 5 production nodes upgraded to v1.2.0
  • Production deployment for xenon-reverse-proxy

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