The development progress ArcBlock engineering team made from January 23 to 29, 2021 is as follows:

ABT Node

  • Release

    • Bug bash and release 1.1.18 on Jan. 29
  • Core

    • feat: support websocket proxy for blocklet service
    • ux: polish configuration form for blocklet service
    • fix: dapp logo url issue in auth service
    • feat: support multiple path with auth service work seamlessly under same domain
    • feat: trim input before submitting on all forms
    • feat: increase job queue concurrency on large-memory hosts
    • chore: deprecate @abtnode/passport and related auth logic
    • cli: check abtnode version against abtnode.yml version
    • cli: completely cleanup blocklet data after user exit blocklet dev
    • cli: support configurable browser open on blocklet dev
    • ci: fix lerna publish failure caused by multiple dependency version
    • Bunch of other minor UI improvements

Blocklets & Services

  • Reverse Swap Service

    • feat: support withdraw locked token in contract
    • chore: use data from ethereum contract in webapp
    • feat: support web-wallet
  • Payment gateway

    • Polish pipes and protocols and add integration tests
    • Add createasset/updateasset/poke protocol
    • Recreate resolver/config/state
    • Basic memory-storage and memory-indexdb
    • Integration test with block-explorer
    • Bug bash with wallet-playground and native-wallet

ABT Wallet

  • Native Wallet

    • iOS: Code refactor and plan to change SQLite library
  • Web Wallet

    • chore: support login community with web-wallet
    • chore: support reverse-swap
    • feat: nft detail and zoom-in display
    • fix: compatibility issue wit iOS wallet
    • chore: bunch of other bug fix and improvements


  • Production Nodes: 5 production nodes upgraded to latest release
  • Migrate production nodes to Elastic IP
  • Setup backup mechanism for production nodes on Aliyun and aws
  • Create basic devops documentation

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