The development progress ArcBlock engineering team made from January 9 to 15, 2021 is as follows:

ABT Node

  • Release

    • Bug bash and release 1.1.16 on January 15
  • Core

    • Feat: support config service in blocklet.yml(ongoing)
    • Chore: try use auth service in all blocklets (ongoing)
    • Chore: polish team pages and RBAC for blocklets
    • Fix: integrity check error during blocklet download
    • Fix: blocklet dev fail
    • Fix: admin interface 403 issue in v1.1.12
    • Bunch of bugfix in ABT Node core and router

Blocklets & Services

  • Blocklet Registry

    • Fix logo serving issue
  • Reverse Swap Service

    • Complete contract workflow and end-user workflow
  • Wallet Playground

    • Fix create-new-did test case
  • Payment gateway

    • ocap-js repo pickup and QLDB revisit
    • Nail down technical roadmap
    • Implement core transaction pipes for transfer/exchange

ABT Wallet

  • Native Wallet:

    • Bug bash and get ready for next production release
    • Fix issues found during the latest bug bash
  • Web Wallet

    • Feat: better onchain data sync mechanism
    • Fix issues found during the latest bug bash


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