The development progress ArcBlock engineering team made from January 2 to 8, 2021 is as follows:

ABT Node

  • Release

    • Release 1.1.10 on Jan. 8
  • Core

    • Feat: support mounting and using multiple services
    • Feat: auth service login part: now ready
    • Feat: auth service access control part: on going
    • Feat: make role based access control generic and work across processes
    • Feat: support changing user role in team feature
    • Chore: UI polish based on default access control policy
    • Feat: make things work end-to-end from publishing/hosting/consuming
    • Fix: enable cors for web wallet url by default
    • Fix: blocklet init missing fields in blocklet.yml
    • Fix: should namespace events when consume pm2 events
    • QA: improve test coverage across the project

Blocklets & Services

  • Blocklet Registry

    • Deploy to production nodes and provide api to ABT Node
  • Rate Limit Service

    • Basic poc implementation to be used as proof of multiple service support
  • Reverse Swap Service

    • Basic user workflow and webapp skeleton
  • Required blocklet updates

    • All production blocklets: to publish to our official registry
    • Blocklets that requires @abtnode/passport package must be updated to make it work with latest node

ABT Wallet

  • Native Wallet:

    • iOS: did-auth workflow stuck issue, and optional chainInfo support
  • Web Wallet

    • Feat: support optional chainInfo during did-auth
    • Chore: polish data restoring from native backup file
    • Chore: unify debugging and logging within the app
    • Chore: polish wallet backup and reset UX
    • Chore: move misc features to settings page
    • Chore: make most pages responsive


  • Production Nodes: 4 production nodes upgraded to latest release

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