ArcBlock released it's first engineering update of the New Year that include a wide range of improvements, fixes and Blocket updates.

ABT Node

  • Release

    • Release 1.1.9 on Jan. 1
  • Core

    • Feat: invitation list for new team feature and management
    • Feat: auth service in core and router (ongoing, not released yet)
    • Feat: provide API for abtnode from blocklet registry (ongoing)
    • Fix: show welcome page on default
    • Fix: Nginx and node.js 431 error
    • QA: improve test coverage across the project

Blocklet Services

  • Blocklet Registry

    • Provide API for ABT Node and support CND
  • Certificates Manager

    • Support gen and verify challenge for wildcard domains (ongoing)
  • Auth Service

    • Feat: define service config with JSON-schema
    • Feat: support config service in the router
    • Feat: support loading and use config in service
  • Wallet Playground

    • Fix: support auth with web wallet for all test cases
    • Feat: add empty chainInfo test case
  • DID-Connect

    • Fix: the broken version of v0.2.0

ABT Wallet

  • Native Wallet:

    • iOS: performance improvements (have solid progress on crash fixing
    • Android: support optional chainInfo during the did-auth workflow
  • Web Wallet

    • Fix: export(backup) with native wallet
    • Feat: support transfer and exchange test case in wallet-playground
    • Feat: temporal workaround of 431 error
    • Feat: support reset data in the settings page
    • Bug bash and release 0.2.2 internal beta


  • Production Nodes: 4 production nodes upgraded to the latest release
  • Certificates: update all certificates on Aliyun

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