ArcBlock has released an updated ChangeLog for version 1.1.9 of it's Dapp Developer Platform with new features and updates.

ArcBlock DApp Platform Update: 1.1.9

ArcBlock releases DApp Platform 1.1.8 including:

  • Performance Optimizations
  • Fixes and Improvements

What's Included: 1.1.9

  • fix: disk info not correct on linux vm
  • fix: blocklet config properties not properly merged on update
  • feat: modify max-header-buffer-size to 16k for nginx and node engine
  • fix: https error in blocklet interfaces
  • feat: add invitation list page
  • fix: sleep 60s after published to npm
  • chore: enable welcome page by default
  • feat: support authorization and access control

ArcBlock ABT Node Platform