This walk through you shows you how to use the install on ABT Node option to deploy any Blocklet directly onto your ABT Node(s).

Install on ABT Node

ArcBlock has launched a new feature that allows anyone to easily deploy a blocklet directly from Github to a users ABT Node(s) in one-click. Just look for the Install on ABT Node button to get started.

install abtnode

Things to know before starting

Before we get started there are a few things to know and some relevant links to help you get started. Because ArcBlock's platform and services are decentralized, ArcBlock's "Install on ABT Node" service provides a seamless way to install Blocklets directly from Github to your ABT Node.

In the future, you will be able to run your now Node Connect Blocklet as well as having the ability to register your node(s) using the Node Connect service available to ArcBlock users. To help us get started, here are 3 different links to be aware of:

  1. - register any ABT Node where you will want to deploy and install a blocklet.
  2. - Available Blocklets that include the install on ABT Node button.
  3. - Different ways for you to quickly get started with ABT Node including setting up a node using Docker, in the cloud or on your local machine.

Step 1: Register your ABT Node

Now, let's go ahead and get your setup by first registering one of your ABT Nodes with the Node Connect service. When you first login, you will see something like this:

setup node connect

Follow the steps below to add a node:

  1. Login to your ABT Node
  2. Go to the "Settings" page by selecting settings on the left-hand action bar.
  3. Click on "Register this ABT Node"

register node

  1. Verify your ABT Node details (should look similar to the example below) and select confirm.

node register

  1. Your node is now available and listed at

node registered

  1. With your ABT Node registered, we can now deploy blocklets to your node. Let's try it using the Vue + Vite Blocklet demo.

Step 2: Deploy a Blocklet to your ABT Node

With our ABT Node registered, we are now ready to deploy the Blocklet directly to our node. For this example, we will demonstrate how to install the Vue + Vite Blocklet.

  1. Visit
  2. Select the Vue + Vite Blocklet

vue list

  1. Now, select the button Install on ABT Node

vue blocklet

  1. You will now see an option to confirm what ABT Node you want to install your Blocklet onto. In this case, we are going to use the ABT Node we just registered.

install on node

  1. Install Blocklet notification to confirm the name, version, decentralized identity address and download link for the Blocklet. Click on Install.

install on node2

  1. With your Blocklet installed, you will see it on your list of current Blocklets.

blocklet installed

  1. You now have the option to start, configure, or view logs for your Blocklet by selecting your next step.

blocklet start

What's next?

Install on ABT Node makes it easy to install any Blocklet directly onto your ABT Node(s). Go back to the Github Blocklet and try install another blocklet. You will quickly see that any Blocklet can be deployed in less than 60-seconds and gives developers a powerful way to build from code to production.