ArcBlock updated it's ABT Node developer platform to version v1.0.32 on November 13, 2020 and continue to prepare for the next major release.

ArcBlock DApp Platform Changelog - November 18, 2020

This weeks ChangeLog includes a range of fixes and updates, and continues to move the ArcBlock DApps Platform towards our next major release.

  • Optimization and performance improvements
  • Bug fixes
  • User experience improvements
  • Blocklet improvements

1.0.32 (November 13, 2020)

  • fix: only eject the blocklets that installed from blocklet registry or url
  • chore: polish blocklet:version and eject command
  • fix: adjust reload time for fix cpu display error
  • fix: notification width error when text too long
  • fix: settings basic page on mobile
  • chore: remove kill alias for stop
  • fix: get meta failed if meta has invalid field
  • fix: display wrong number when check process healthy timeout
  • fix: sort the routing rule data by createAt field before take snapshot
  • fix: upgrade node small updates
  • chore: polish updater and upgrading
  • fix: should use bundle folder when deploy to local
  • fix(ux): user-friendly installed prompt
  • fix: can't run migration scripts in-docker
  • fix: blocklet did not included in release meta
  • fix(dev): dev failed if meta has not environments field
  • chore: merge webpack and zip bundle and support creating release after bundle
  • fix: bug when checking whether the certificate has expired
  • feat: support abtnode eject and recover from ejected data
  • feat: won't install if blocklet already install with same or higher version
  • fix: improve upgrade checking wording
  • feat(dev): missing required environments can be auto or manual filled
  • chore: remove useless blocklet field
  • chore: support bump blocklet version and use latest meta file on init
  • fix: uniform button color for register url
  • fix: parseblockletmeta and migration/bundle command
  • fix: incorrect disk info on mac oc
  • fix: token contains non ISO-8859-1 code point
  • fix: click to copy support i18n
  • fix: upgrading progress wording
  • fix: incorrect port param when register node
  • feat: parse blocklet meta from blocklet.yml and support migration command
  • fix: update text for register ABT Node
  • feat: support disable https completely for dashboard and blocklets with config
  • fix: should throw error when attempt to enable auto upgrade in unsupported env
  • spec: attach git hash in blocklet bundle
  • chore: rename requiredEnvironments to environments #1618
  • fix: failed to install/upgrade blocklet-registry from market place
  • fix: use https link in dashboard for webhook messages
  • feat: send webhook notification on node start or stop
  • fix: disk usage error for NFS

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November 9th, 2020

  • ArcBlock added new website updates and user experience improvements.
  • ArcBlock add new Get Started options to quickly deploy the ABT Node and try newly open sourced blocklets.
  • New Blocklet repo to enable developers to quickly try and deploy open source Blocklets for their DApp projects.
  • Bug fixes and improvements to ABT Node UI and performance.