A walkthrough of how to deploy Solid Server using a dev-ready Blocklet and ABT Node.

Deploy Solid Server with ArcBlock

ArcBlock and the Solid Privacy Platform

ArcBlock is one of the most flexible DApp development platforms today and is designed to enable users to easily build, deploy and manage software for their DApp projects including adoption of other blockchains and decentralized projects like the Solid Project.


The core idea behind the Solid Privacy Platform is to enable users to control their data in online storage entities called Personal Online Data Stores or Pods for short.


Deploy Solid Server using a Blocklet

solid gitpod

Getting started with Solid Server and ABT Node is easy. ArcBlock recently released a new open source Solid on ArcBlock Blocklet on Github.

Using the blocklet, developers get everything they need to run the Solid Server with no additional dependencies, configuration updates, and can be launched in one-click. Once launched, developers can quickly demo Solid Server inside of Gitpod's Cloud IDE with built-in web preview and instant access ABT Node's dashboard.

Solid on ArcBlock Readme

Experimental Solid (https://solidproject.org) Server as a Blocklet runs on ArcBlock Platform.

Source code of Solid Server: https://github.com/solid/node-solid-server

Getting Started

  1. Click the "Open in Gitpod" button, Gitpod will start ABT Node and the blocklet.

solid gitpod

  1. After you click on start, the cloud environment will immediately begin building.

blocklet start

  1. No dependencies are required and everything you need is already included in the Blocklet making it easy to build and deploy the software on ABT Node.

blocklet load

  1. Some additional setup is being completed.

blocklet load 2

  1. Now, the terminal window will show you two URLs. One URL is for the ABT Node dashboard and the second is to review the web GUI of the Solid Server.

blocklet url

  1. To make things easy, ArcBlock already preconfigured the preview window so developers can immediately view the home page for Solid. Here you can login with your WebID or register.

solid prototype

  1. Using ArcBlock's Blocklet we were able to deploy ABT Node using Docker, Solid Server and a fully functioning cloud development environment in less than minutes. The Solid on ArcBlock Blocklet is open source and please feel free to make improvements, or try other Blocklets including React, static sites and more. Building DApps, Blockchains and DLTs has never been easier. Get started today.