ArcBlock announces a new partnership with PoulSAT, a leading communications, and internet company based in Maryland, to bring blockchain-enabled DApps and tokenized services to Africa.


BELLEVUE, Wash., Nov. 2, 2020,/ArcBlock/ -- ArcBlock, a leading blockchain development platform provider for DApps and blockchain services, has officially announced a partnership with PoulSAT to bring its platform and tokenization services into Africa.

By partnering with PoulSAT, ArcBlock is expanding the availability of its DApp platform and blockchain-enabled services across Africa. Today, PoulSAT and ArcBlock have already delivered complete end-to-end experiences for African businesses and users by not only providing the necessary infrastructure and networking but ready-made tokenization and blockchain capabilities through ArcBlock's innovative ABT Node and Blocklets. Unlike traditional blockchain platforms, ArcBlock's platform avoids the traditional vendor lock-in and enables African businesses and vendors to easily run these new blockchain-enabled digital services on the infrastructure of their choice including cloud, on-premise, or locally. In addition, customers and users can utilize ArcBlock's decentralized identity wallet and one-click Blocklets to easily add new services and capabilities with minimal effort.


PoulSAT and ArcBlock began working together in late 2019 with an emphasis on enabling African businesses to evolve their offerings by giving them access to easy-to-use capabilities that allow them to deliver innovative, secure, and compliant solutions, as well as ready-made tokenized solutions that empower local businesses and consumers. PoulSAT and ArcBlock are successfully bringing to market digital wallets, tokenization, enhanced digital payments and newly launched digital office and point of sale solutions, among others.

“Africa is becoming more connected, more technologically savvy, and more mobile. As a result, institutions, merchants, and individuals are looking for new and innovative ways to engage their users and leverage tokenization across their channels and devices. By working with ArcBlock, we are enabling our customers to bring entirely new digital and tokenized experiences to life and giving users access to technologies that were previously unavailable. Using nothing more than a mobile device, end-users can leverage a vendor's entire ecosystem of digital services, make payments, and easily interact with friends and family," said Ildevert Digbeu, CEO of Poulsat.

“At ArcBlock, we believe in partnerships that enable transformative experiences. By working with PoulSAT, we now have a strategic partner who is delivering digital transformation across Africa and also has a deep understanding of the local environment. By working together, we are focused on delivering ongoing innovation that empowers local and regional communities. Whether it is launching new 5G networking services, or enabling users to leverage digital payments and verifiable credentials, PoulSAT and ArcBlock together can make a difference in people's lives," said Robert Mao, CEO of ArcBlock.


Since September, ArcBlock has released multiple updates to it's ABT Node platform and continues to successfully onboard companies across a wide range of industries onto its platform including supply chain, cybersecurity, identity, government, and more. For developers or businesses interesting in using ArcBlock's platform you can simply visit their website, and developer plans are always free.

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