ArcBlock updated it's ABT Node developer platform to version v1.0.24 on November 2, 2020.

ArcBlock DApp Platform Change Log - November02, 2020

ArcBlock continues to improve ABT Node with this weeks updated ChangeLog showing multiple bug fixes, updates and optimization updates to improve performance. Some other notable updates this week include:

  • ArcBlock released new website delivering improved developer experience.
  • ArcBlock deployed new Get Started portal to quickly deploy the ArcBlock platform and learn about different ways to deploy ABT Node.
  • New Blocklet repo to enable developers to quickly try and deploy open source Blocklets for their DApp projects.
  • built-in integration of Gitpod to enable one-click deployments of ABT Node and ArcBlock Blocklets.

1.0.24 (November 02, 2020)

  • fix: remove disk info from getNodeInfo
  • fix(dev): force use as entry
  • fix: bug when get blocklet engine version

1.0.23 (November 01, 2020)

  • fix: migration script of 1.0.22

1.0.22 (October 30, 2020)

  • fix: blocklet bundle should not update main for static blocklets
  • fix: start blocklet bug
  • fix: unify-tag-style-in-blocklet-detail
  • fix: migration ux
  • fix: btn is different and no center each row
  • fix: check nginx bug
  • fix: abtnode dev not working because of interpreter
  • fix: can not install from registry
  • fix: set max_restarts to 0 when developing blocklet
  • fix(dev): keep blocklet when blocklet is stopped abnormally
  • feat: display blocklet exposed services in blocklet detail page
  • fix: error occurs when debugging the same blocklet repeatedly
  • fix: hide dashboard cert
  • feat: support generic migration scripts in abtnode core
  • feat: support blocklet engines (#1465)
  • fix(dev): An error occurred after pressing ctrl + c
  • fix: check nginx conf before start
  • fix: unified constants and fix a mobile style issue
  • fix(ux): disable action button of blocklet of development mode
  • fix: add title url for slack notification
  • fix(dev): print development mode tip
  • chore: add tip on load balancer not available
  • chore: optimize pm2 related logic on abtnode start
  • fix(dev): use unProtected rule "/" in develop time
  • fix: disable nginx cache in debug mode
  • fix: improve router engine setting
  • fix: process was not killed after terminal window closed
  • fix: optimize console ui of "abtnode dev"
  • fix: toBlockletDid should treat blocklet name as utf8-string #1398
  • feat: auto open in browser after blocklet start success in dev mode
  • feat: support serve pure static repo by "abtnode dev"
  • fix: do not verify main field when developing a blocklet
  • fix: dashboard responsive issues
  • chore: hide gql console on the sidebar
  • chore: remove info.domain from node config & state
  • fix: tune blocklet start timeout in develop mode
  • feat: basic cron jobs support
  • chore: move blocklets to separate repo
  • fix: add pretty-ms-i18n package
  • fix: sometimes dev is abnormal when stopping or starting
  • chore: move lock from core to util
  • feat: add install btn on marketplace blocklet detail
  • fix(cli): port is missing in entry output after abtnode start
  • fix: context.hostname and port can not be empty at same time error from cli
  • feat: display gitpod on dashboard
  • fix: tag component style is overwritten