On October 31, 2020, ArcBlock reached it's three year milestone that included the release of a new website and updates to the ArcBlock Dapps platform and decentralized dev environment.



ArcBlock, a leading blockchain technology, decentralized identity, and DApps Developer Platform, released an update to ABT Node, DApp dev environment, that includes several new features and capabilities for developers including the official release of its new Developer Plan that ensures ArcBlock will remain free and fully featured for developers, hitting its 3 years milestones.


This release also saw the continued expansion of the ArcBlock's Blocklets ecosystem. While ABT Node is the foundation of the ArcBlock platform, Blocklets are the key building blocks that make building DApps easy by giving developers ready-made software that includes compiled code and any necessary dependencies needed. Blocklets are serverless and can be one-click installed from Blocklet Marketplace in ABT Node.


With Blocklets, developers can use one Blocklet or connect Blocklets together in a few steps to quickly build and deploy DApps and components, or easily extend the functionality of their ABT Node for their production DApps.



On October 14th, 2020, ArcBlock participated in the Washington Tehnology Industry Associations Blockchain Unconference.

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