ArcBlock VP Matt McKinney will host a panel on Decentralized Finance and Tokenization during the Washington Technology Industry Associations' (WTIA) upcoming Blockchain UNconference with special guests Kory Hoang, CEO of Stably, and industry expert Tomasz Woda.


ArcBlock's VP of Marketing, Matt McKinney, will be hosting a panel during the upcoming Blockchain UNconference on the rise of Decentralized Finance (DeFi). Joining Matt on the panel will be the CEO of Stably, a leading stablecoin platform, and Tomasz Woda a leading expert in the world of DeFi.

A term first used in August 2018, Decentralized Finance, or DeFi, has become one of the most popular market segments in the blockchain industry. The reason for DeFi's rise in popularity is being driven by users' desire to recreate the banking system and one of the unintended outcomes of the recent pandemic. Today, the DeFi market is comprised of various actors and subsectors, with some of the participants absent in traditional finance. Today, a majority of the participants in DeFi are lenders who want to lend out assets and borrowers seeking quick access to the available assets. Also, exchanges can act as a medium for lenders and borrowers to operate. The DeFi industry also has several other essential solutions and facets including the tokenization of real-world assets like art and real estate, peer-to-peer marketplaces, insurance, staking and collateral, prediction markets, and alternative savings with interest-earning mechanisms.

Even during this early phase, DeFi is already seeing success and we don't need to look any further than the rise of Uniswap. We've also seen additional confirmation of DeFi's rise through recent comments by Binance CEO's who indicated that DeFi will definitely take business away from the traditional exchanges, and companies like Binance are already working to participate in DeFi in a major way.

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However, with the rise in popularity of DeFi users and developers are now encountering industry-wide challenges that have the potential to disrupt the rise of DeFi. In this session, we will do a deep dive into the world of DeFi and discuss a wide range of topics and identify solutions that can improve the adoption and availability of DeFi to a wider market.

  • What is DeFi?
  • Is DeFi really decentralized?
  • Why is DeFi disrupting traditional finance?
  • Can I trust a loan from a DeFi loan provider?
  • Are there inherent risks for users in Decentralized Markets?
  • Why is Yield Farming so popular?
  • What are "money legos"?
  • Can DeFi reach the speed and scale necessary to compete with Visa and others?
  • Is there a liquidity problem and can decentralized liquidity pools help?
  • Does DeFi need a centralized system to help with stability?
  • What role do Exchanges, stablecoins, and financial products such as options/futures play?
  • What role do regulation and governance need to play in DeFi?

Event Speakers:

  • Kory Hoang, CEO and Founder of Stably
  • Tomasz Wojewoda, Founder and CEO of AGA Token
  • Matt McKinney, VP ArcBlock

Speaker Bios

Kory Hoang


Kory is the Founder, CEO, and Board Chairmen of Stably. Prior to Stably, Kory was a Data Analyst at PitchBook in Seattle where he picked up the ABCs of venture capital fundraising. On the side, Kory is also an active algorithmic trader who has advised many hedge funds on various topics ranging from quantitative trading, momentum and mean-reversion strategies to VIX derivatives and cryptocurrencies. Since 2018, he has led his company through 3 venture funding rounds, secured all major business deals for Stably.

Tomasz Wojewoda


Tomasz is a Blockchain enthusiast who has been mining Bitcoin, and other coins, since 2017. He has recently introduced two new DeFi tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. He lives in Seattle, and when not working, is wrenching on his cars.

Matt McKinney


Matt McKinney is a technical marketer who has helped build products and communities around the world. Before joining ArcBlock, Matt helped shape numerous brands and technology companies’ marketing and product strategies and was also an executive at a leading cloud hosting services company managing diverse product, business, and marketing teams with deep expertise around cloud and infrastructure, platforms, corporate governance and compliance.


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