On June 27th, developers participating in ArcBlock's virtual hackathon presented their projects live. The demonstrations were broadcast live across multiple channels including YouTube and CSDN with more than 3,00 live viewers watching.


Participants included developers, app builders and community partners who teamed up and build working demonstrations of their projects using ArcBlock's developer platform that included decentralized identity, blockchain, blocklets and the recently released ABT Node. Projects included games, analytics tools, identity apps and various non-fungible tokens (NFTs) services and collections.


The hackathon was judged by a 3-person panel including CapGemin Vice President Justin Tomboulian, Founder and CEO of Guojin Investments, Lin Jiaxi and Huishen Cui, Managing Director or Roaming Capital. Each project was carefully evaluated based on 4 criteria - originality, engineering, creativity, and usability.

  • 1st Place - NFT Digital Asset won a unique ABT NFT Coin, 10,000 ABT、5 coaching courses, 2 coaching courses directly from a leading venture capitalist and an autographic book.
  • 2nd Place - Lucky Ticket received 5,000 ABT、2 ArcBlock coaching sessions, one session with a leading venture capitalist, and autographed book.
  • 3rd Place:NFT Marketplace won 2,500 ABT、1 ArcBlock coaching session.


ArcBlock developer conference and hackathon delivered blockchain-based experiences for users (many for the first time) using ArcBlock's own technologies including the release of multiple non-fungible tokens (NFT) from digital artist AM. The hackathon event took NFTs even further with the introduction of new types of tokens that can be used by consumers, analytics and the new NFT Marketplace DApp. You can see the presenatios below.

Digital Assets Trading IMNFT ABT

Non-Fungible (NFT) Marketplace


ArcBlock NFT Analysis


NFT Dashboard


Lucky Ticket

ABT Dragon


Snake Game on ABT Node


Five Finger Game


Block Contract


Email to DID Blocklet

Community Award

During the next several days, we will release the official announcement of the community awards from the hackathon.

NFT Badges and Demos:https://devcon.arcblock.io/en/hackathonitem