ArcBlocks first developer conference has concluded!

After 32-hours of broadcasts and 30 live sessions with experts, developers and more, ArcBlocks developer conference has come to end. Of course that isn't the end. At the conclusion of the event, ArcBlock's CEO kicked off a 7-day long virtual hackathon.

DevCon Day 2: Workshops, workshop and workshop


DApp Showcase


Gravity Wave Interactive's CEO, Hank Tao, showcased the latest update of their game Infinite Gravity including showing how ArcBlock technology is being used to give developers more freedom and the ability to create, share, sell and save in-world assets.


Kai Chen introduced Hash News showing how decentralization and tokenization can be used to support community-based news.


Former ArcBlock Intern spoke, Nana, talked about her new companies (Block Power) efforts to build a food safety app.



ArcBlock Engineers delivered hands-on demonstrations of ArcBlocks ABT Node, and the now available Blocklets that can be used as building blocks for developer projects and applications. The new Blocklets include ArcBlock's Blockchain Manager.


A deep dive into decentralized identity, and a complete walkthrough of how to use ArcBlock's new DID:CONNECT blocklet to create identity apps and enable any developer or company to run their own identity service.


A step-by-step guide for developers on how to build a blockchain game using ArcBlock's ABT Node, Blocklets and SDK including adding the game into the blocklet marketplace upon completion.


Amazon Web Services Lana Khalashnyk spoke about AWS's Quantum Ledger Database (QLDB), which included a real-time demonstration of the new QLDB available in the ABT Node marketplace allowing any developer to install QLDB and use it for their project. The demonstration also shows how to connect QLDB to a Blockchain Explorer and Boarding Gate blocklet to generate accounts on QLDB.

7-day hackathon


ArcBlock CEO, Robert Mao, closed out the developer conference by launching the 7-day hackathon for developers, app builders and blockchain enthusiasts to build Dapps and more on the ArcBlock platform.

  • Registration: June 20th, 5PM PST
  • Sign Up Sign up onGitHub
  • Demo Review: June 27th. Contestants will present their projects via online video, and the celebrity judges will select winners based on creativity, originality, engineering skills and usability.
  • Prizes: Top teams will receive 20,000 ABT, as well as one-on-one sessions with leading venture capitalists

For more information about the hackathon, visit here

Special Non-Fungible Token Badges

hackathon badge

ArcBlock is issuing unique non-fungible token (NFT) badges during the hackathon event including 4 classes of unique badges that participants and supports can obtain.

Team Badge: Premium badges unique to team members include Team registration

  • Have official idea or code submitted through Github page
  • Must not be meaningless app or copy of existing app (decided by the judges)
  • Each team member will receive 1 team badge Project Badge: For teams who present their projects on the final day and meet the requirements below
  • The project is operational
  • Selected to participate in Demo Day june 27 (by the judges)
  • Each team member receives 1 project badge and 100 ABT Winning Badge: A unique NFT Badge for winning teams selected as winners
  • Selected to participate in the June 27 Demo Day
  • Each team member receives 1 project badge, 1 "Winner" NFT certificate, and other rewards Audience Badge (3 levels):
  • Each Demo project gives viewers the chance to get 1 badge
  • Viewers will receive basic badges
  • If you already have a team badge, you'll receive an upgraded Premium badge For any audience member who has all the badges you will receive the highest level Top Block badge.

For updates, be sure to check the official hackathon page