Come to Devcon 2020 to see real ArcBlock projects and ecosystems that are using ArcBlock's Blockchain platform, and see live demo sessions at ArcBlock DevCon 2020 starting in 2-days.

Blockchain and Games

demo hank

Gravity Wave Interactive CEO Hank Jing will showcase how his company is using blockchain to enable in-game commerce and new user experiences using blockchin.

Gravity Wave Interactive Learn more about Gravity Wave and how they are enabling players to create, store, trade and sell in game assets and collectible on their own blockchain

Decentralized Identity-based News Platform

demo chenkai

Hash News will demonstrate how build a news platform using decentralized identity that rewards users for new stories, comments, read articles and more.

Food Traceability with Blockchain

demo nana

Block Powers Engineer will showcase their newly developed blockchain-based food traceability application that significantly increases food safety.


These are applications and more will be showcased and provide a great starting for developers and app builders who want to join ArcBlock's upcoming Hackathon starting on June 20th. (。

Hackathon: ArcBlock Devcon 2020 has opened the doors to its online hackathon and developers can view to register

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