3-days and counting until Devcon 2020 and ArcBlock will soon be ready to begin onboarding developers and participants for the hackathon

ArcBlock Hackathon - June 20 - June 27

Towards the end of ArcBlock Devcon 2020, ArcBlock will announce the launch of it's online hackathon running from June 20th to June 27th.


  • Register for the Hackathon through GitHub
  • Demonstrations: Starting on June 27th, participants will present their projects through online video and the industry expert panel will select 3 winners based on 4 criteria - originality, creativity, engineering skills and user experience.
  • Prizes The top 3 winners will receive 20,000 ABT, hands-on coaching from industry leading Venture Capitalists, one-on-one sessions with ArcBlock's engineering team. Every participant will also receive 100 ABT.

For more information visit the ArcBlock hackathon website

Extra Benefits: NFT Badge

During the online hackathon, anyone holding a ticket can receive a hackathon badge specially designed by cryptographic artist AM.

Getting ready for the Hackathon

ArcBlock and engineers from partners Amazon Web Services and AURO will prepare 8 classes for participants and conference attendees to learn how to develop decentralized applications using ArcBlocks tool.

ABT Node

workshop node

Senior Engineer Shijun Wang and Zhenqiang Zhang will demonstrate how to deploy and setup ABT Node.

workshop qldb

Lana Kalashnyk, Head of Amazon AWS Global Technology Partnerships, and Matt McKinney from ArcBlock, will teach attendees how to use AWS Quantum Ledger Database (QLDB) with the ABT Node including a demonstration of the new QLDB Blocklet.

workshop openstack

AURO Cloud engineer, Matt Czjaka, will teach attendees all about AURO and how it uses OpenStack to power ABT Node deployments in Canada.

Decentralized Identity

workshop did

CEO Robert Mao, and Senior Engineer Jonathan Lu, will lead a workshop for developers on how to use decentralized identity technologies for their applications and services.


workshop blockchain

Learn all about blockchain-related technologies and application development with Nate Robinson, Engineer at ArcBlock and Shijun Wang, Senior Engineer at ArcBlock.

3 days countdown