Decentralized Identity has the potential to transform trusted experiences and create new ways for users, businesses and applications to interact. Can Decentralized Identity DID break through todays centralized experiences? How can developers adopt this technology into their applications? How can businesses improve security and deliver new e-commerce experiences? Devcon 2020 will look at these questions and more.

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Decentralized Identity and ArcBlock

From the initial development of the ArcBlock project, the team emphasized inclusion of decentralized identity (DID) as a core component in the entire ArcBlock ecosystem and platform. Today, ArcBlock's efforts have been recognized and decentralized identity is now recognized as a transformative technology that is being adopted at a rapid pace.

Devcon 2020 will look at how developers and businesses can adopt ArcBlock's W3C compliant protocols, user-focused ABT Wallet, and integrated decentralized identity capabilities inside of ArcBlock's blockchain framework.

In less than 5-days, Devcon 2020 will present showcase decentralized identity. Register today for ArcBlock DevCon 2020.

Industy experts

Kaliya Young

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Co-founder of the Internet Identity Workshop, and industry expert, Kaliya Young will discuss the current state of the decentralized identity ecosystem by examining efforts of the leading working groups like the Decentralized Identity Foundation, as well as discussing use cases, and the challenges and successes so far.

Jean Chen

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Jean Chen will present various elements of decentralized identity including how trusted experiences are created, what is a verifiable credential and how to use them, what role does a user wallet play, and much more.

matt did

Matt McKinney will introduce one of ArcBlock's latest blocklets that enables any developer and business to easily leverage decentralized identity to support non-blockchain applications, enable users to control their data and remove the need for legacy authentication standards such as username and passwords.

Developer Workshop

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Senior Engineer Jonathan Lu, and CEO Robert Mao, will deliver two workshop sessions focused on the development of identity-related technologies and applications with live demonstrations and detailed walk throughs for developers.

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  1. The english track of Devcon 2020 will open one day earlier than the Chinese track with each full day including 18-hours of lectures.
  2. Each keynote, round-table and classroom session includes 15-minutes of live Q&A through ArcBlock's Gitter.

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