ArcBlock has released their new blockchain-enabled tickets for their upcoming Developer Conference 2020 starting on June 19th. Attendees can purchase premium tickets that include a premium NFT badge and certificate, as well as ArcBlock's e-book and newly release The Real Practice of Blockchain.


Today, ArcBlock released their new blockchain-enabled Premium and Free-Tier tickets for their upcoming Developer Conference that will run from June 19th to June 20th with a week-long hackathon to close out the event. ArcBlock's Developer Conference will look at the future of applications, blockchains and decentralized identity through a globally streamed event that will include keynotes, industry expert panels and working developer workshops.

Developer Conference Tickets

For anyone interested in attending the event, event tickets can be acquired through ArcBlock's website in just a few simple steps.

NFTs - Certificates and Badges

One of the things that ArcBlock is most excited about during this Devcon event is this event gives every attendee an opportunity to experience the ArcBlock platform first hand. Each ticket is created using ArcBlock's blockchain and is available for users to use, store, trade and exchange using ArcBlock's decentralized identity services and ABT Wallet. Each ticket for the event is an NFT with its own color, numbering, etc and are all publically verifiable.

With that in mind, users can obtain their ticket by simply visiting ArcBlock's ticket page - Once there, you will see two options for purchase - Premium and Free.

Premium Ticket


Premium tickets can be purchased for 100 ABT and include the following benefits:

  • Access to all the Developer Conference sessions
  • Premium Badge and Certificate (NFT)
  • Access to PDF downloads for all the sessions
  • ArcBlock's The Hitchhikers Guide to Blockchain e-book
  • A copy of the newly released The Real Practice of Blockchain by CEO Robert Mao and VP Jean Chen

If you don't have any ABT available, no worries. You can simply get a free ticket.

Free Ticket


The free tickets are available to anyone interested in attending the event and include a free NFT Badge and Certificate.

How to Purchase

The process to purchase tickets is easy. Here are the steps:

  1. First, if you haven't already download and setup your ABT Wallet by clicking on your device link below.


  1. With ABT Wallet installed go ahead and setup your wallet by following the steps below.


  1. Now, one last step before your wallet is ready to go. We need to setup an ArcBlock (ABT) native account on your wallet.

Setup Native ArcBlock Account

  1. Now, simply click on login and scan the QR Code similar to the below example.


  1. For any user who has ERC20-based ABT tokens you can swap them on the website to get the required ABT native tokens you will need for the premium tickets. If you don't have any ABT don't worry. We can simply move to the next step.
  2. It's time to get your ticket. On the tickets page, simply to choose the ticket type you want.


  1. If you select the premium ticket, you will be asked to login and after confirming you will be presented with the option to Get ArcBlock Devcon2020 Premium Tickets. Scan the QR Code and complete the transaction. The ticket will be added to your wallet within a few minutes.

buy premium

  1. To acquire the free ticket, simply select Login to Get and complete the transaction. The free ticket will be added to your wallet.
  2. After your complete your transactions, you should see one, or both, of the following NFTs under the ticket tab in your wallet.


  1. You can also review your tickets on ArcBlock's website. Simply visit and you should see something like the following example.


  1. Because it is on the blockchain, your ticket can be verified including creation time, purchase time, when it is used, and so on. To check out the details of your ticket (asset) simply click on the ticket. Once you do, you will be taken to an explorer page that presents you with your details similar to the below example.


What's next

With your ticket(s) stored in your wallet, be sure to check out the upcoming schedule. We are excited about the lineup including talks from a wide range of industry experts including AWS, Microsoft Azure and Boeing to name a few. ArcBlock will also host hands-on developer workshops to demonstrate how to build Dapps, create and use decentralized identity, and the latest product updates to make development easy. Stay tuned for more updates.