ArcBlock releases its 2-day event schedule for Asia and North America that includes keynotes, partner showcase sessions and developer workshops to teach developers how to create, deploy and manage modern blockchain applications and software.


ArcBlock has released its upcoming schedule for its virtual DevCon 2020 event. This year's event will be 100% virtual and will be two simultaneous events that occur in Asia and North America on June 19th and 20th and will be closed out by a seven-day developer hackathon with a range of prizes and rewards. A video replay of the conference will also be available on ArcBlock's website the day following the conclusion of the event.

This year's event will see the release of several new ArcBlock products including their innovative ABT Node and Blocklets that will redefine how anyone can create, deploy and manage blockchains and applications. During the event, ArcBlock's team will be available for 1:1 sessions for premium ticket holders, and deep-dive workshops showing developers how to build modern blockchain applications using ArcBlock's tools and framework.

The Developer Conference will include a range of international and national experts who represent diverse projects who are utilizing ArcBlock's platform to build and/or support blockchain-enabled projects in industries such as gaming, identity, development and software, finance, IT Consulting and cloud infrastructure. In addition to ArcBlock's team, some of the notable speakers, and hackathon judges, come from companies such as Topio Networks, AURO Cloud, GoFun, DeriveOne, AWS, Cap Gemini, WTIA Cascadia Blockchain Council and more.


Event Schedule

To see the complete event schedule, visit ArcBlock's DevCon website.

Day 1 - June 19th, 2020

9:00 PSTArcBlock: Where Are We Today
9:30 PSTThe Future of ArcBlock: ABT Node
10:30 PSTPanel: ABT Node and the Cloud
11:15 PSTBlocklets
12:15 PSTABT Wallet
13:15 PSTDecentralized Identity
15:15 PSTDeveloper Ecosystem of DApps
16:15 PSTPANEL: Government and Blockchain
17:00 PSTEnd of Day

Day 2 - June 20th, 2020

9:00 PSTDApp Showcase
12:00 PSTWORKSHOP: Running AWS QLDB with ABT Node
13:00 PSTWORKSHOP: Deploy ABT Node on OpenStack
14:00 PSTWORKSHOP: Decentralized Identity
16:00 PSTWORKSHOP: Blockchain
18:00 PSTHackathon Kick-off
18:20 PSTEnd of Day

Hackathon - June 20th-27th, 2020


Anyone interested in attending the event can purchase tickets through the ArcBlock DevCon website. ArcBlock is offering free tickets for anyone who wants to attend the sessions and workshops, as well as a premium ticket that includes several exclusive benefits including premium content, a unique non-fungible token (NFT) and additional rewards and prizes throughout the event.