ArcBlock to attend the Internet Identity Workshop to demonstrate Decentralized Identity Solutions and developer tools during the 3-day event.

ArcBlock will participate in this year's Internet Identity Workshop (IIW) from April 28th to April 30th,2020 alongside some of the industries leading companies including Microsoft, Google, USAA and AWS Identity. At this year's event, ArcBlock will be hosting live demonstrations of their decentralized identity solutions, ABT Wallet and developer tools including their new DID:CONNECT service for users in North America, Europe and Asia, as well as leading an event session and showcasing ArcBlock’s tools during the Identity Tech Sandbox event.

internet identity workshop

The Internet Identity Workshop was originally created as an event to discuss what was then called “user-centric identity” and with the recent interest in self-sovereign identity, blockchain-based identity, and related systems the event and conversations around identity are being pushed to a new level. Many of this year's participants, including ArcBlock, are actively participating in COVID-19 focused initiatives such as the COVID-19 Credentials Initiative and how technologies such as digital identity and verifiable claims can be used to create trusted interactions and sharing of private data in a secure way.

This year's event will also serve as a forum for those currently working on identity systems and protocols including ArcBlock supported authentication protocols OAuth and IAM related capabilities using decentralized identity for User-Managed Access. Some of the planned sessions include discussions around personal clouds, privacy, data liberation, verifiable claims, decentralized identifiers, transparency, VRM, the Indie Web, the Internet of Things, the Semantic Web, trust frameworks, free and open devices and much more. Anyone can register online for upcoming event.

Not Just Who They Say We Are from Phil Windley on Vimeo.

For anyone interested digital identity, or decentralized identity, you can experience live demos on ArcBlock's website showcasing real-live applications including a decentralized cash app, digital remittances, KYC and verifiable credentials and login/authentication. All the applications are available to build using ArcBlock's Blocklets that let anyone build an app using decentralized identity in less than 5-minutes.