Author: Nate - ArcBlock Mobile Engineer

1. Built-in browser lets you open the app directly in the wallet

You can now open apps directly inside of the wallet letting you connect the interactions between the wallet and apps in an easy to use, but familiar way.

  1. There are two ways to open an app in your wallet:


  2. Described below is a demonstration of opening an app in your Android wallet.


    Once you have opened an app, you can interact with your wallet as long as your app supports the ABT DID authentication protocol. For example, you can:

    • DID login
    • transaction
    • exchange
    • receive assets
    • consume assets
    • proof of assets
    • cross-chain (atomic swap
    • Token Swap
    • and much more

2. Wallet App Experience Improvements

  • Optimize recently used logic

    sort logic has been optimized for the app list including ranking of apps based on user interactions making it easy to quickly find recently used apps.

  • Improved archiving of apps

    new feature to easily hide apps to make it easier for users to manage their apps that are not being used.


    Improved application list management with more updates in the next release.

3. Optimize the Asset Experience

  • New support to archive assets

    As more assets are added, a user may want to stop showing some of them on the home page. ABT Wallet now supports archiving assets so you can better manage your asset list.


  • Long-press Asset list now supports asset transfer

    For any asset that supports transers, we now have a Asset Send feature:


4. Home Updates

  • Bottom tabs have been improved
  • The contact list has been moved to the identity page and the app list page is now separate


5. Transfer confirmation page

  • UI Improvements
  • New user tips:

    1. if other party is on your contact list we will show the name 2. if the other party has had a transaction with you 3. if the other party is an app type account, show the name of the app


More to come!