ArcBlock, a leading blockchain development platform and decentralized identity provider released an updated version of its industry-leading decentralized identity wallet - ABT Wallet 2.5.

With this release, ArcBlock’s decentralized identity wallet has been updated with new features that are designed to improve the user experience and deliver new built-in mobile experiences for users and gives developers new capabilities that expand potential use cases and bring more seamless integrations of their applications into the wallet. For ABT Wallet 2.5, the ArcBlock developer community played a significant role and provided tremendous feedback for the user experience improvements, and this wallet release includes several great suggestions and improvements from our community users.


One of those feature requests was for better integration of applications with the decentralized identity wallet. ArcBlock is happy to announce that ABT Wallet 2.5 now includes a built-in browser that seamlessly integrates the application and wallet experience and allows users to use mobile apps and authenticate their identity right inside of the wallet. For developers, this new improved integration of applications and the wallet also gives them increased flexibility to call native wallet functions, the ability to support mobile or web views for their application and an updated ArcBlock SDK.

“With our ABT Wallet 2.5, we continue to listen to our users and are working to make it easier for users to manage and own their identities, digital assets and properties in a decentralized identity wallet, and to give developers flexibility on how their users can experience their application,” said Nate Robinson, ArcBlock Wallet Engineer, “To this day, we believe that for blockchain applications to be successful we need a decentralized mobile wallet that has become part of the application experience and gives each of them the ability to own their personal data and to easily share, trade or verify their data instantly.“

Just a few weeks ago, ArcBlock added new wallet features to make it easier for users to backup their data and add a new user profile system that makes it easier to manage unique profiles in the wallet. In addition to the new browser view, ABT Wallet 2.5 also included several other enhancements including:

  1. Enhanced web view for applications
  2. Full support of authentication inside of the web view
  3. Support to archive and unarchive applications
  4. Support for sending assets
  5. Badges
  6. Support for Verified Credentials
  7. Multiple user experience enhancements
  8. General bug fixes

Over the last few weeks, ArcBlock has released live demonstrations to showcase how easy it is to build applications that use decentralized identity. The I DID IT enables anyone to experience identity experiences including an app that lets you buy,sell and exchange digital tickets, sending and receiving digital remittances and most recently login and authentication including ArcBlock’s popular community site that combines decentralized identity with OAuth2 for a single sign-on experience. Download the ABT Wallet on Android or iOS today.