ArcBlock updates decentralized identity wallet to version 2.3.15 with improved user experiences, bug fixes and new features.

ArcBlock has released new updates to their ABT Wallet for both Android and iOS focusing on improving the user experience for anyone leveraging the ABT Decentralized Identity Wallet. With this release, the updated versions of the wallet are:

  • Android V2.3.15
  • iOS V2.3.5

With this release, users can immediately experience these updates through ArcBlock's recently released I DID IT Decentralized Identity demo experience that showcases different wallet app experiences and how the wallet can be used to support end-users and developers. With your wallet, simply visit

Key updates:


  • UI Detail Optimization
  • New and upload logic optimization for avatars
  • New function to consume certificates, tickets and other assets
  • Optimize users asset list
  • Increase user-friendly prompts during the transfer process
  • Known bug fixes


  • UI Detail Optimization Unity
  • New logic optimization for avatars
  • Consume certificate, tickets and other assets function
  • Known bug fixes

1. Consumer Asset Feature Support and Improvement (iOS and Android)


The above process demonstrates how to consume a digital asset that you already have.

With asset capabilities, developers have a lot of flexiblity to imagine and support different business scenarios, and are able to quickly develop applications that support not only digital tokens, but also asset transactions based on the ArcBlock developer framework and ABT wallet.

2. Wallet Transfer Increases User Tips (Android)


When transferring money, if the other party in your transaction list or contact list, currently add a more user-friendly tips so that users can quickly verify that the other person's identity is correct.