Since the outbreak of new Coronavirus (Covid-19), the application of information and communication technology has played a vital role in helping to prevent further outbreaks in China and beyond. Many blockchain companies, and partners, have come together to help get supplies to impacted communities, and are using blockchain technologies to help medical staff, persons impacted and more get the information they need.

At 2:00 PM Beijing time on February 29, ArcBlock Founder and CEO, Robert Mao, will join the online event co-hosted by the People's Post and Telegraph and China Xintong Hospital to participate in the fourth installment of the services that looks at "using technology to battle the epidemic" with this installment focusing on "Blockchain specifically around field of medical and public welfare applications, the discussion will include:

  • What is Decentralized Identity and why is it important?
  • Medical care and public goods require both privacy and transparency, so why is blockchain the best solution?
  • Application practices, cases, and example analysis of blockchain in this field


Scan the image above to join the live event, or click to scan: