Author: Nate(ArcBlock Mobile Client Engineer)

On February 22, 2020, ArcBlock released an updated version of their decentralized identity wallet - ABT Wallet 2.3. With this new release, new wallet includes several important user experience and features updates including the following updates:

1. Transfer support to enable easier account switching:

This feature can facilitate users to switch between the recipient receiving and sender making it much easier to switch accounts and send/receive between accounts.

how to send to myself

2. Improvements on the accuracy of displayed values:

ABT Wallet version 2.3 improves the amount presentation logic to increase display accuracy for amounts less than 1, avoiding situations where the list is shown to 0.

increase accuracy

3. New account deletion feature:

In order to make it easier for users to manage wallet accounts, version 2.3 includes a new "Delete Accounts" to the archived account list page to facilitate the deletion of accounts that are determined to no longer be needed.


  • The deletion action is just a wallet deletion, the corresponding chain account information is still available on the chain
  • After deletion, interacting again with the Dapp that originally created this account will retrieve the deleted account again in your wallet
  • Currently the account type that can be deleted only supports normal types of accounts, and it is possible that other types of accounts may not support manual deletion

how to delete account

4. Optimization of user interactions including new capabilities after scanning a QR Code:

Version 2.3 wallet adds a new convenient contact addition and viewing operation. Users can easily do the following after scanning a DID account QR code:

  • DID address replication
  • Convenient transfer initiation
  • Add/view contacts

scan did result

5. Other Updates:

  • 5.1 Fix the name of the Dapp app information that cannot be updated (Android side)
  • 5.2 Fix an issue with The Atomic Swap Details Page Asset Sender Showing Possible Errors (Android Side)
  • 5.3 Other UI updates including improvements to the "Welcome" experience.