On January 24, 2020, ArcBlock officially released their Token Swap Service and asset chain. From today, ArcBlock users and developers will have access to the following addresses to fully utilize token swap operations for their applications, services and utility (we will soon deploying additional swap service instances in more regions including mainland China).


Token Swap Service is a bidirectional swap service developed by ArcBlock that enables developers and users to swap between the ABT asset chain and native token and the Ethereum-based ERC20 ABT. In the future, this service will also be available to other development platforms and services who need to support other types blockchains developed on the ArcBlock blockchain development framework.

From today, ArcBlock has enabled the official ABT native token for use on the ABT Networks and ArcBlock blockchain development platform using the ABT asset chain, as well as the Ethereum public blockchain and can be transferred to each other as the user needs:

The main design goal of the ArcBlock system is the application, so they pass on the ABT chain is fully utilized in the application ecosystem of various ArcBlock platforms, and while Ethereum’s design is the same, it has not been easy to develop applications due to performance issues.

But Ethereum, as a popular public chain, has advantages in terms of asset security, universal access, and so on, so we have bridged (enabled interoperability) the two ecosystems through currency exchange services, giving developers and users maximum convenience and advantages.

Currently, we recommend that users log in using the latest version of the ABT wallet. Android's Google Play Store is currently up to date, and iOS' App Store will be released shortly.

The ArcBlock Token Swap and Asset Chain release is being released using a method called “grayscale release” and is similar to BlueGreenDeployment. This method has been widely adopted in Internet services, but in the past, the blockchain field has rarely heard, or used, the release practice. We believe that companies like Baidu, who are mature advanced technology companies, can be learned from and used in a new generation of blockchain services.

If you’re having trouble using the swap service, you can reach our team in the community channel —

Remember to post screenshots, trading hashes, and other key information when you respond to questions.